new dog (?)


The (?) is because technically, we’re ‘test driving’ this sweet dog. The group we’re working with believes in letting you have the dog in your home for a few weeks to make sure the fit is good before you commit 100%. That said, unless this SWEET and amazing with the girls dog does some shocking stuff… she’s ours. She’s a bull terrier rescue (yes, like the target dog!) and already winning hearts.


Right now though I’ve got a dog to walk,Ā a NEW CHA RELEASE prize pack to get ready for give-away right here. Oh- and I’m hosting a chat tonight at 7pm PST (


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  1. May, I too LOVE dogs and it is so awesome that you’ve found a great rescue group to get your new addition to the family. I have a cocker spaniel and 4 ferrets.
    I know you said Target dog, but before Target, wasn’t it Spuds McKenzie? šŸ™‚
    Thank you for giving this precious baby a forever family!

  2. How sweet is she??? I love the idea of having a test drive time with your family too. It looks like you are on your way to a new family member šŸ˜‰

  3. Sweet. and cute all rolled into one little pup. Looks like the girls have bonded. Good luck with him.
    Hopefully I will be on the chat tonight.

  4. omgoodness, it is Spuds McKenzie. Brings back so many memories. That dog was the Bud dog, way back when. :O) hope she is a wonderful fit for your family!

  5. She’s adorable! What is her name? Do you get to pick a name after the two week “test run” or does she already have a name?
    Looks like that pretty little girl with the pink Minnie shirt on has a new friend!

  6. How nice to be able to “test drive” the dog before deciding whether or not it’s a match for your family. It’s a tough decision and made harder when you have little one’s. Miss E looks like she’s loving the new match. He/she reminds me of “Spuds McKenzie”. Cute dog & he/she doesn’t look like shedding will be a problem. Hope the match works out for you.

  7. What a pretty girl, you are in for a fun ride with a Bullie and a little girl in the house. They will be co-horts of sorts. šŸ™‚ Bullies are the best, we have 4 here, 3 of ours and a foster dog waiting for his forever home.

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