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MyBook [code + give-away]


Have you seen the MyBooks? they’re so super neat. In fact here’s a great deal. Use the¬†coupon code MFMB5¬† for 50% off 2012 MyBook Planners! this is good¬†through 12/18/11

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day 12 | using scrapbook product off the page this holiday season


Today Nancy and Melissa (aka the other contributors to Nancy’s site are also blogging about using scrapbook products “off the page” this holiday season. Be sure to check out their blogs for their ideas!

This time of year – nothing is off limits. I’m yanking silk flowers out of arrangements to use on gift wrap, stamping onto brown paper bags to create custom wrapping paper, using patterned paper in place of ribbon.

In other words, when it comes to crafting supplies – the walls are torn down! I’ve been sharing my crafty adventures (25 days worth!) you can see the archives here:¬†There is still much to come, today I want to look specifically at how I use my scrapbook supplies off the page:

Above you see a wrapped¬†gift… done almost entirely with craft supplies! The paper I use (and most often use) is just a roll of kraft paper you can find at any craft store. A shopping bag works too. From there I built with my crafty stash. Patterned paper, stamped tag, die cut patterned paper, paper rosette… even the doily and ribbon are from my scrapbook stash!

The biggest thing to remember is this: use what works. Sometimes that fancy (expensive) “gift wrap” product is something you as a crafter have, or can quickly DIY.

shown above: a package arrives at my house with baker’s twine (trendy SB product!) + stamped image wrapped in kraft.

Above you see a glittered postcard (here’s a link they’re on sale¬†at amazon right now¬†– LOVE Cavallini postcards) I purchased these to use both on gifts and in my scrapbook. LOVE products that are multi-purpose.

Where else can you use crafty products? Anywhere really! Here’s a list of some other favorites:

  • table settings [napkin rings, place cards, centerpiece, table runner (paper!) or place mats]
  • ornaments
  • wall decor
  • altered items [wood items, re-purposed, etc]
  • other items for¬†decor [configurations boxes, mini books, etc]
  • cards & gift wrap
  • garlands
  • punch “confetti”

The best thing about all of this for me, is maximizing my budget AND using up what I already own. *LOVE* the budget aspect. I can make stuff for SO MUCH LESS than buying so much of the time!! I made myself a very quick & easy table runner from 2 pieces of fabric (minimal sewing too) from stuff I already had for a dinner party last weekend.

 I also used some Tim Holtz die cuts to create quick and easy place cards that I set on the napkins

I edged the snowman die cut in faded jeans ink, used¬†a banner die cut for the name, and my white sakura¬†souffle¬†pen to write the name. Simple, but it added to my blue & white “winter” table better than anything I could find to purchase.

Customization and total control – another reason I love cardstock and die cuts AND bringing my craft room out into the house this time of year. Semi-homemade and DIY craftiness does not have to take a lot of time. You can do things quickly and on a budget, and have fun too.

Personally, nothing makes me happier than seeing my craftiness in use and being enjoyed by friends and family.¬† I’m off to make my first paper banner of the season – I will share that how-to, as well as an apron tutorial and more later this week.

Reminder: Check out Melissa & Nancy’s blogs for their ideas too: 

[Happy Thanksgiving]


Today will be filled with baking, gym time, and somewhere we’ll fit in a trip to the theater to see the new Muppets movie that releases today.

The girls have a Thanksgiving vacation ‘calendar’ of sorts that we have scheduled in fun things on so they know when it’s happening, and how much of a break they have left. Today is the 1/2 way mark – it’s going by so fast! We’ll be getting the tree and decorating the house (and heading back to school) in the blink of an eye…

I will be back on Friday to post another installment of the holiday crafting series – until then I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving (or just a happy wed/thurs. if you’re not in USA!)

day 6 | digital holiday invite


I have said since the beginning that this series is about REAL holiday crafting. Now I’m all for playing and creating just for the love of it – with no particular goal in mind. However this time of year, time is tight and I want to share the crafting that I’m doing for use immediately in my holiday season. I have some decor fun projects planned – but we shall see how much time I can work in!

Today I want to share how I easily use digital supplies (frame + 2 borders in this case) to create invitations. You could actually do this in Word (just layer behind text!) if you wanted. Anyhow, here’s my invite + how I quickly made it but look super awesome to my family:

Open PSE and create 2 new files. One that is 8×12, the other 8 1/2 x 12 1/2.

I used designs by Rhonna Farrer for this – they coordinate so beautifully. Ok, so open the two borders and one frame and drag and¬†size onto the 8×12 file as desired. Type in text and flatten image. Drag onto the larger file, center, and add drop shadow.

Email to invitees! [or print + mail]

It’s seriously that easy. I play with font size, what to say, etc… but it’s so simple!

I *LOVE* how these supplies (Which I purchased for some hybrid crafting this season) can be useful in creating one of a kind invites. You can check out more at


day 5 | semi-homemade gift topper


While I don’t make my own holiday cards, I do like to stamp cute things onto the backs of the sealed envelopes. This is my collection (all hero arts designs) – love the stamp/postal ones as well as that cute reindeer. Stamping envelopes will likely be an Elizabeth job this year – she’s ready for it.

Today though – what I really want to share is a quick & easy ‘semi-homemade’ gift topper idea. Grab a wooden unfinished ornament (I got a bunch from Michael’s this weekend for about 50 cents a piece!) and coat with liquid adhesive. I used multi-medium – that’s fine too! Then coat in glitter, let dry, and attach to a bow.

My gift? A plain white box. To spruce this up a bit more I stamped a snowman (as seen above in my holiday stamps for this year!) that has to and from on the back.

Bam! It’s done and it’s one of a kind. How easy was that?

Snow Tag how-to


¬†I was a guest this week on the paperclipping roundtable (we’re talking double page layouts) and my¬†crafty pick¬†was the Hero¬†Arts¬†+ Basic Grey “Life of the Party stars” background stamp. (Available

I’m loving this stamp because while it’s stars, it can take on a festive holiday “snowflake-like” look with the right ink – or in this case¬†paint (dabber in pearl)! Today since I just¬†picked that stamp (and¬†that new episode is now up!) I thought it would be the perfect time to show you this fun thing I’ve been doing with my snowman¬†texture fade.

Pictured above is just about everything I used to make this tag. I’ve been having a BLAST with my foil sheets (by ranger) – they’re adhesive¬†backed and super thin so you can die cut, emboss, do anything to them AND they work great with alcohol inks, embossing¬†powder, and more. Such fun! Ok, so here’s the how-to:

Apply Ranger’s paint dabber (pearl) onto stamp and then stamp onto foil. Allow to dry fully before moving on.

Once dry, place sheet into texture fade folder and run through die cut machine. The result is an embossed snowman ready to play! This could be cut out, made into a card, a page accent, a tag…

Today I’m going to make a tag. First, I need to spruce up our snowman. I will start by attaching the foil¬†to my tag (it’s adhesive backed, so just stick it on!). Then I will drop some blue alcohol ink into his snowflakes. Then I will apply some pearl alcohol ink to his body, and use this to ‘tidy up’ around the snowflakes if the blue overflowed. Though honestly? A bit of overflow is fine. Once that is set, I wanted more texture so I added pearl paint dabber to the snowman’s body, as well as along the base to add “snow” to the ground.

Now that the foil part is set up, time to move onto my embellishing! I attached some ribbon to the bottom (to cover where the foil didn’t cover the tag), and I altered a metal snowflake to use at the top of the tag:

To alter the metal snowflake I first dripped pearl (alcohol ink metallic mixative) onto snowflake until fully covered. Then I used the felt applicator to rub brown (ginger) lightly onto it so that some of the raised surfaces took on that color. LOVE altering my metals this way!

At the bottom of the tag I added a sticker (says snow.. I didn’t wait long enough for my glossy accents to dry so my pearl paint mushed it! WHOOPS!), foil snowflake die cut, and a doily.

At the top I attached ribbon and my charm – and that’s it!

Hmmm… if only¬†I had a bit more dimension, some “snow”…

I sprinkled UTEE (pearl) onto my tag and then heated from underneath with a heat gun. This melts the powder in place, and creates a sprinkled effect. Love it! The foil works really well for that technique.

As you¬†can see I’ve been having all kind of fun! You’ll be seeing all of these products more in my 25 days of holiday craftiness series for sure!


day 3 | simple + inexpensive idea


Day 3: Let’s look at a little idea. Put some effort into decorating a tiny gift (this could be ANYTHING) and make it special.

note – has these Martha Stewart food picks¬†only has a few left – and they’re¬†on clearance!


day 2 | holiday mood


What gets me in the mood for holiday craftiness? Quite often it’s music or movies that play an important role in making things feel a bit more festive. Today I want to share some favorites.


    • White Christmas – the original, classic, good any time of year and always makes me feel warm & fuzzy. My sister and I watched this together… maybe a hundred times. possibly more.
    • Elf – family favorite + most quoted holiday movie around here. Who doesn’t adore Buddy?
    • Love Actually – a personal favorite but WATCH OUT! It’s rated “R” due to some rather random nudity… so don’t watch when kids are up!



¬†There are other single songs I love – like Mariah Carey’s version of “All I Want for Christmas is You” , and I’m a sucker for Sleigh Ride, Winter Wonderland, White Christmas… oh a number of songs. I haven’t named everything here – and obviously there are a ton of movies I enjoy having on as I work this time of year including some of the cartoon specials, cheesy ABC Family made for TV movies, Christmas Story… so many… What are your favorites?