day 6 | digital holiday invite


I have said since the beginning that this series is about REAL holiday crafting. Now I’m all for playing and creating just for the love of it – with no particular goal in mind. However this time of year, time is tight and I want to share the crafting that I’m doing for use immediately in my holiday season. I have some decor fun projects planned – but we shall see how much time I can work in!

Today I want to share how I easily use digital supplies (frame + 2 borders in this case) to create invitations. You could actually do this in Word (just layer behind text!) if you wanted. Anyhow, here’s my invite + how I quickly made it but look super awesome to my family:

Open PSE and create 2 new files. One that is 8×12, the other 8 1/2 x 12 1/2.

I used designs by Rhonna Farrer for this – they coordinate so beautifully. Ok, so open the two borders and one frame and drag and size onto the 8×12 file as desired. Type in text and flatten image. Drag onto the larger file, center, and add drop shadow.

Email to invitees! [or print + mail]

It’s seriously that easy. I play with font size, what to say, etc… but it’s so simple!

I *LOVE* how these supplies (Which I purchased for some hybrid crafting this season) can be useful in creating one of a kind invites. You can check out more at



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