2011 search for a new sweatshirt


I just want a hooded sweatshirt that is NOT a zip-up, that is thick and cozy and has pockets, and that will allow me to take off my BEST THING I EVER PURCHASED FOR $20 Army sweatshirt off longer than just to wash it this winter.


it’s actually hard to find!!  I will find one I like that is cuter than my Army one… I hope… here’s some of the better findings I’ve seen so far…

Life is Good

Life is Good  <not a sweatshirt. just adorable>

Disney Store <arg, darn that zipper!>

wait… but maybe this is perfection for me?

Disney Store 

Any good ideas on sweatshirt finding? Places to search?


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  1. The last one is hilarious-I would have to have it.In face I like ti so much I’d buy it too big take out the zipper and seam up the front.

  2. Customizedgirl.com has some cute scrappy shirts. I got a hoodie that reads ‘Holy Scrap.’ And you can select the color, font and font size. Very cool site. I don’t have anything to do with it, just a customer.

    Love the Mickey hoodie. No one would mess with that Mickey.

    • Oh $20 is definitely not my budget – just funny that my CHEAP sweatshirt = the best. 🙂

      That’s cute… but neither style is what I’m after darn it. Search continues…

  3. Sounds like a trip to DisneyLand (or World 🙂 is in order 🙂 The best hooded sweatshirt we ever got was from DisneyLand 🙂 Good luck!

  4. May, have you tried CafePress? They have all sorts of different styles to choose from. I 4even got 7 canvas bags there one time – each a different kitty.

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