game changer.


That’s how I’d describe the new Snow Cap alcohol ink. Tim explains how to use it here. Now here is my first attempt with it + meadow green + a metal photo corner. Note: I didn’t do it right! I KNOW. I should have gone and looked at how Tim did it, but instead I used the felt applicator instead of dripping right on. LESSON LEARNED! It still works, but his way is better and I should have looked.

Just with meadow…

then a layer of white…

whoops. too white. layer of meadow over white…

err… maybe a little blending solution

LOVE IT!! can’t wait to do more.Ā 

Enabling: has a great selection. I got mine from who also has a great selection!


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  1. I saw that post! wasn’t it cool?! I loved the mixed patina and colored staples šŸ™‚ good stuff. will try once school starts and I have income again šŸ™‚

  2. Mine is on its way from Simon right now-might even be here tomorrow.After reading
    Tim’s blog last week-I knew I had to have it!

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