SC Boardwalk kit | layout 1


This weekend I made two layouts with my Studio Calico August kit + my recent summer iPhone pictures. Both were just quick, for fun, because I want to capture these summer details before they get lost in the pile of things I wanna scrapbook kind of pages. Here’s the first:

Had so much fun with this one – lots of little brads, distress stickles, and my favorite was the random distress stain splatter (worn lipstick) that I did. LOVE that technique! (just bang/splat your distress stain!)

Except for the Tim Holtz goodies… this was an all-kit kind of page.

over the center of the page I smeared some cream paint to create an area for journaling + mute the pattern more vs adding in cardstock.  The distress stickles I used were broken china and scattered straw. Brown ink? Brushed corduroy, naturally!

Love the colors + patterns of this kit and how I can make them my own. REALLY loved making all that splatter aka controlled chaos on my pages…

Happy Crafting.


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  1. Hi May,
    Great LO. I totally love that your new blog post goes up right before I go to bed. Great way to end my day.

  2. I would love to see a picture of the paper before you added all of the inks/stickles etc. A comparison of before and after so I can really see all of the ways you embellished the original piece of patterned paper ~ I have so much patterned paper that I am never sure just how to use.

  3. I like the paint idea for the journaling – so much less disruptive to the look of the page than cardstock. My hesitation would be the texture the paint (acrylic?) would leave behind which could make it difficult to journal on it. Could you share how you resolved that problem?

    I also really like how you used the worn lipstick stain to highlight the titles – nothing worse than titles that would blend into the background! And like the paint for the journaling, doesn’t overwhelm and disrupt the overall asthetic.

    Thanks for sharing – your work is making me take a new look at “wet and messy” things for my pages :).

    • No, not ever a problem I encounter. I dont slather on paint thick- its a Very fine coat. I’d just suggest writing with a slick writer or a thicker/juicier pen vs a super fine journaling pen.

      • That’s good news (simple solutions) – thank you for the hints. I’ll give this a whirl…

  4. I love, love the details of the beading on the stitching. It reminds of a piece of casual jewelry one might wear for a fun outing such as mini golf. Truly a fun lo.

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