a nice spot.


In the afternoon, usually this is when I get to do a bit of reading…

a nice shady spot in our yard that’s finally coming together and really becoming our ‘living room’ in the summer months.

growing up we didn’t have a pool – but I could ride horses, play in an orchard, and otherwise run free on a country property so I’m not complaining! That said – I really do love how clean, simple, and useful our yard has become.

Jason gets a lot of the credit – he works hard and is really the one who has taken the lead on making the backyard nice. I like to play with planting things and help make it nice/weed/provide extra hands as needed.

Summer, the least favorite of the seasons for me, is actually becoming equally loved now. No longer the dreaded long, hot, yuck fest it once was thanks largely to the oasis out my back door.

feeling lucky, blessed to have a home where I don’t feel the need to escape it or get out to have fun… fun is right here.


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  1. Lovely yard. Great spot to have a cuppa and read. I want to build a deck area at the back of my yard to put a comfy chair and table for reading and hanging out.

    Of course my yard is smaller and it is a townhouse but it is mine 🙂

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