Feels like a fancy pants + give-away day


I’ve been working on some projects and playing with a lot of fun stuff from Fancy Pants Designs. LOVE their stuff!


I made up this little card with some goodies from them including a filter paper circle (more on those another day).

I also gathered some goodies to share with one of you…


For your chance to win just leave a comment here- and have a fancy day!


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  1. makes me long for the chance to dip my toes in warm water which is in short supply here in mt! I’ll settle for fun embellishments to remind me of warmer days

  2. Oh, how exciting!! That looks so fun! My kids are really looking forward to a trip to the ocean this summer, and this looks perfect for some layouts for that!!

  3. Love the colors. I need to start figuring out how to make cards. I decided I’m going to make the invitations to my daughter’s 1st birthday party. I only need 11 or 12 and it’s in July. If I start now, I might get done in time.

  4. I love Fancy Pants – brings a smile every time I hear the name or see the product. If I cannot be “Fancy Nancy”, I would love to be Fancy MorMor.

  5. Ooh, those look perfect for beach pages about my 2 boys for the coming months! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I actually want one of those cupcakes that look like the ones on the banner of your website (a new one of course). They look so yummy. Your giveaway looks great. thanks for the chance!

  7. ooh laa laa! That bunch of goodies looks FABULOUS! I am crossing my fingers to see if I am lucky enough to win!!

  8. What a fun card! And lovely stuff in the giveaway (and if you happen to draw my name I’ll be happy to pay international shipping!)

  9. Dunno if I’m too late… but LOVE your dinner with Tyler! (um… I mean… Jason!) Thanks for sharing all that you do, and thanks for the chance to win, too!

  10. I love Fancy Pants did you see their new Brag Book? I think it’s going to be my 25 days of Christmas book this year. That is assuming I get my hands on one and don’t use it before Chrismas. LOL!! Have a great day!!

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