Happy Friday.


I’m running around double checking everything for tomorrow – National Scrapbook Day!! I’ll be in Elk Grove at Stampers Corner, and reporting “live” via twitter for sure if you want to check out what’s happening.

Yesterday the girls went for swim lessons and I HAD to take a “first official swimming of the season” bathing suit shot. Err… they didn’t do what I’d wanted but that’s ok. Their personalities shined through…

Both girls did great at lessons – listened to teachers + worked hard.

and in the end their ideas for pictures were better than my own.

ps – don’t worry about e’s bandaged hand. She just has a wee boo-boo on her palm and the bandaid won’t stick, so daddy taped it up for her.

Happy Friday!!


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  1. Oh, May. My mind flooded with memories when I looked at the pics of your daughters’ swim lesson. I remember when the first public pool opened in the little mountain community we used to live in. It was so exciting to take the girls for lessons. I remember such funny details, like the fancy soap dispensers in the locker room. Unfortunately there are no pics, except in my mind. Those were the days of film cameras and few pictures. So, thanks for the memories.

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