happy sunny saturday…


I had some fun shopping for some new glass containers… I’ll share photos soon. You see, I’m spring cleaning and organizing here in my studio. Oh but I saw SO MANY inspiring things at Cost Plus and Pier 1… I *never* go out shopping and so the rare times that I do? Well my brain gets overwhelmed and inspired and I LOVE it.

I fell in love with this tray (it has ‘feet’ so it is raised off of the table – LOVE!!) at Pier 1. link

I actually NEVER go in Pier 1 because it’s a crazy dangerous store. Sometimes I can escape unscathed, other times I find myself writing a wish-list a mile long!! Yesterday I found a PURPLE DAMASK CHAIR. Yes, I used all caps.

and so now I’m back to cleaning so I can get rid of the trunk (I don’t have a chair at my computer!) so I can move this chair in… oh how I want it… it’ll be perfect!!

Jason LAUGHED and said if I could get the scary closet clean, sure! By all means move in a chair to the studio. (He knows how hard that scary closet will be to clean!!)

Anyhow – have a beautiful weekend…


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  1. Good luck cleaning out the scary closet. It will be worth that awesome chair. Beautiful sunny day here in the Chi burbs. I shall be spending some time cleaning out the gardens. Then my body will find its way to my craft room to relax and play. Happy, fun day.

  2. I think cleaning the scary closet sounds like a small price for that incredible PURPLE DAMASK CHAIR. Just think about how your creativity will be amped up when you are sitting in it.

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