it’s getting KRAFTy up in here…


I’ve got most of the products in hand for my upcoming classes, and I’ve been creating up a storm! Here’s a little insight into my creative process:

When creating for a class I often scrap, toss, or otherwise reject some of my own initial projects. If I don’t  think they’ll work or be fun enough, if they’re just not going to be super great… out they go. I’m happy to say I’ve got some projects (shown here is a tag we’ll be making) that I think are going to be just right for my “Kraft It” class.

The project you see here will make it’s debut on National Scrapbook day at Stamper’s Corner (Elk Grove, CA). Now it’s back to work for me – lots more fun stuff to create!!

PS – if you can’t make it kits will be available, and I’ll also be teaching this course again later this spring/summer.


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  1. Cool tag! You are so Krafty. I am anxiously awaiting the kit to be available. Hope you are having a very successfully creative day.

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