Charleston, SC


contact store to sign up: (843) 569-3559 

 more info on website (under classes/calendar)

I have a load of Northern California classes coming soon… still working out some details but I’ll announce those soon hopefully early next week.


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  1. Have fun in South Carolina! I wish I’d allotted more time on my east coast visit last year so I could have made it down to Charleston. Looking forward to your classes in N CA. Hope I get to some. Say Hi to all the folk in SC, and travel safely – March should be a good month to go. Spring should be bursting out all over!

    • I’m hoping so- Charleston has long been on my wish list. 🙂

      I am going to be talking to the store in Elk Grove, CA after CHA, and hopefully will add them into my spring class schedule. FUN!!!

  2. Is this the beginning of a May Flaum teaching tour? I’m going to cross my fingers and pray to the scrapbooking gods that someday you visit my state (Ohio). 🙂 We have three chocolate companies within a two county radius!

    • Well wouldn’t that be fun!!! I’m actually going to South Carolina for a special event, and added an extra day to the trip to host this crop. 🙂

      Sadly no, I’m not a rock star on tour. (but what a great idea that would be…)

      I would happily look into any/all possible teaching spots/stores/events/retreats. If you’ve got a great local store – let them know! Maybe we can work something out.


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