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Good Monday morning! Rebecca & I (being only fully functional members of the household) video blogged today:

Happy Monday!! Off to take Elizabeth in for a Strep test (poor thing) and of course assist the one armed man.

Notes from video:

* Great book I loved (as did my fellow romance lover Doris Sander & many other book worm friends of mine!) by Kieran Kramer

* Forgot to mention – ordered again + LOVED Persnicketyprints.com service + quality. WIN! Plus they said they CAN print any size (including my small squares), it’s just not listed. I just have to ask. SCORE!

* Tomorrow: give away + info on my BPS class Creative retreat

Rock out the Monday!!


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  1. May you guys are so cute! You look wonderful with your hair like that!
    I was just listening to an interview with Doris Sander all about the wonderful subject of Colour (color)
    Will have to check out that book as I loved the Zoe Archers.
    Did you do that video on your iPhone??

  2. You are looking great May! I hope that Elizabeth is feeling better soon strep is no fun. I’m glad to hear that Jason is recovering well from his surgery.

    Curious did you happen to order any black and white prints from any of the places you tried recently?

  3. Strep is no fun! Sorry your poor little one has to suffer through that. 😦 On a positive note, I took your Camp Scrap and LOVED it!!! Can’t wait for your Creative Retreat class, looks like so much fun. AND, I’m with you on Persnickety Prints, they ROCK! I love their “Can-Do” attitude, plus their shipping is super FAST!!

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