quick fixes


When it comes to photo editing, I’m of the “less is best” school. Oh I think it’s AWESOME when I see people doing cool things… it’s just not for me.

Sometimes I don’t even bother with Photoshop either. Like for red eye (which Becca gets ALWAYS if flash is used). I just open up the windows picture thing & click. Easy.

Of course sometimes I do love my PSE – one example is when I want to “desaturate” people or background that is bugging me…

See the difference between photo on left and right? This worked especially well on this photo since the people were in front of brown/non colorful things. Now the bright colors are just the ones I want.

To do this I just select a nice round brush, set settings to desaturate (usually around 30% and I go back over much as I need to) then mellow out the people I don’t want to have in focus/so bright. I do this sometimes with group shots or on occasion where the colors are just really distracting. To do that I just go to enhance and adjust the saturation of the photo so that it’s more tinted then full color.

Mostly though, I’m a print & make it work kind of girl. I just finished editing, backing up, and ordering all my prints from Oct-Dec 2010 (I got a bit behind) so I’m READY, slate all clean for 2011…

bring in the new year!


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