10 projects for Christmas: Echo Park gift box


I LOVE decorating sturdy little boxes for gifting. Done right, they become re-usable as well as unique and fun!

For this one I used paper as a ribbon, and loads of little paper strips to make a bow. This slides off the box easily so it too can be re-used.

I used lots of fun Echo Park Paper stuff as well as some glass glitter + tinsel trim. For the papers I used Crafty Power Tape and/or Tape Runner (By Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L) – there was no need to seal and/or get liquid involved.

The snowman was a sticker, but I turned him into a to/from tag. How? I applied a bit of PPA to the back and let it dry. This made the sticker part non-sticky (once dry) while creating a write-able surface. Acrylic paint might work for this too.

This is going to make such a fun gift – no matter what I stick inside!

Next time you see a box with a lid… think about converting it to become a fun gift box!


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  1. I just got some Echo Park for the first time this week … I believe I have some of the same stuff as you. I use baby powder on the back of stickers to make them unsticky …. I am cheap. I love your project!

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