One heck of a start to the week…


I lost 2 layouts. Not JUST two layouts, but the two layouts I gotta photograph for class. I just saw them a few days ago and I remember setting ’em somewhere safe. 2+ hrs searching later, well, I’m calling it. *le sigh* I’ll be making new layouts tonight, it seems. Full as my plate is this week (even before Thursday’s turkey dinner), I really didn’t need that.

Oh but if I even thought I could have a cranky day today, it’d be impossible! TOO MUCH GOOD made this an overall awesome day. So let’s focus on some happy craftiness!

exhibit a: Tim had some really nice things to say today on his blog. Now if you think you’re going to see a reduced # of Tim products used here think again! This girl (unofficially) remains “Team Tim” (Who needs vampires or werewolves!).

exhibit b: You can see one of my most FAVORITE projects in a long time + enter to WIN some Kaiser Craft of your own. Just head on over to Scrapbook Update [direct link] and leave a comment!

exhibit c: art 1/2 day at Grandma’s. I didn’t get to play/create this time, but that’s ok. These two did and had such a blast – it was fun watching.

exhibit d: Guess who is up on the Scrapbook Adhesives blog  today? I hope you enjoy the how-to + layout…

exhibit e:  I got to visit a cupcake shop today. I got a meyer lemon one that is definitely going to help me smile as I make new layouts tonight. I have no doubt the moment I’m done the missing ones will show up…

Oh well. I’m off to create + find more to smile about. I’ll be back tomorrow with a GIVE-AWAY!! (there will be THREE in the next 8 days here!!)


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  1. Don’t you just HATE it when that happens? I hope when the others turn up, you will be able to use them for something else and it will SAVE you time… next time. So here is to that Meyer Lemon cupcake, cause it sounds like heaven!

  2. I saw Tim’s blog earlier this afternoon and was thrilled to see not only your name and project, but his wonderful words about your ability to think outside the box! Sorry ’bout the lost layouts…hate that!

    Here’s to yummy cupcakes though 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Loved that you are forever on Team Tim – you both are amazing!! Looks like Grandma has a pretty cool place to play, too. Great post today with tons of holiday inspiration! Thanks for making me want to go to my scraproom and play – the floors can wait!!

  4. Bummed that you misplaced your LO’s and sad that the official Team Tim is over. Getting Tim to think outside the box is VERY impressive, Miss May, and you will always have that complement from The Man Himself! I left a comment on his blog that included the time I met you in person *smile* !

  5. Wow, sorry to see Tim’s DT end but now you will be a legend! No more future DT members 🙂 Hey, I have a tip on the missing LO’s – look UP HIGH. Like on top of a bookcase or something. Advice from someone who loses things in “safe places” all the time!

  6. What a shame that Tim is not having his Team any more … but he sure said some nice things about you! And I’m glad we’ll still see plenty of Tim products used by you! Hope you find the LOs soon!!

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