Nov.2010: I’m totally into…


Enabling, sharing… call it what you will. These are things I’ve recently discovered and/or am totally digging at this moment:

This Inkadinkado flourish stamp. I mean, dang. How long can I hold out before buying it? (It’s so on my Christmas wish list!!

Old Navy long sleeve holiday tees. I also have one that says “I’ve been naughty”. They crack me up, are seasonal + festive, and keep my arms warm. After holidays will make fine pj shirts for winter and beyond.

Throwdown! This is going to be Jason’s Christmas present from the girls. Bobby Flay is in the area this weekend, but the rain factor = we’ll be giving him a ‘plain’ copy vs autographed. That’s ok. Though Elizabeth is a bit disappointed – she wanted to meet him. I totally love that my kid knows more Food Network stars than Hollywood celebs.

Milk Chocolate + spiced cookie = AWESOME. I got this at Borders in a moment of weakness and it was gone asap. SO GOOD!

Tinsel & Twig by the Girls’ Paperie, but these snowflake embellishments in particular. holy WOW. I can’t get enough.

A few blog friends suggested Robyn Carr’s “Virgin River” series to me. I was HOOKED… until I wasn’t. First book was by far my fave. It’s kind of “epic saga of life in small town” – and my complaint is that the books really don’t stand on their own due to the intense # of interlocking plot lines that keep on winding through. That said – the first 3 books were entertaining and I’m glad I (FINALLY) read them and got them off my to-read shelf!! Not sure if I’ll continue or not… all the death & drama, abuse, and the unreal dudes (as in, I don’t buy they act/talk this way) of Virgin River, not to mention the intense interest in watching the town midwife work… well it’s not really my bag. But we’ll see. I may end up reading more.

Sift Cupcakes. I would have been HUGE had this existed in my old home town when I lived there. Holy smokes. Upside? I drive by once in a while so I can get a fix now and then. By the time we all share/have bites I only end up eating a total of 1 – 2 of the six cupcakes. SCORE on calorie/diet front!!

Well that’s about it for now. I’m off for a (rainy) weekend full of creating & working on my next BPC class… registration opens December 8 or so (eek!) so I’d better hop to it…


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  1. May, your puppy is such a cutie.
    I just marked December 8th on my calendar. Can’t wait for your next class!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Oh yea, love all your colorful and tasty finds – thanks for sharing!

  2. Your little dog cracks me up – so cute – I sometimes wish we had a small dog instead of our huge one (50kg which is around 100 pounds!) certainly not a lap dog.

  3. Ooh can’t wait for class!!! I wish we had Old Navy here … when we go to the US next year I’ll have to bring an empty suitcase with me! Princess looks so cute amongst your supplies!

  4. Love the Virgin River series..would like to think that maybe just a few of these guys exist….Anyway, they are a great escape and usually a happy ending.

  5. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if Elizabeth could have met him. When my daughter was 5 we were in the check out at AC Moore and she let out a loud squeek, and started pointing and chanting Paula Dean over and over. I bought the magazine for her and the clerks face was priceless. Gotta love them!!

  6. I cannot for the life of me figure out the applique on the tee even after going to ON website. Anxious to see what you have in store for us in your next class. What happened to you and Nic doing a class together?

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