well ok then.


Plans change. things move. life gets wild.

I’m gonna roll with it. Just like after scaring me (I full on jumped) with an old Halloween mask of ours, I asked Elizabeth to re-create so I could take a photo. Love how Becca is hanging out with her bowl of chex mix.

Anyhow. I can not remember what I meant to blog about today, and all the things I can think of require photos I don’t yet have, but I wanted to share something. So there’s a glimpse into spooky town. aka Flaum-ville.

Hope you choose some happy things to do & see today.


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  1. And look at those precious little fingernails. I love that Becca is continuing her business as if you weren’t being scared to death!

    These are such great years for kids and photos. Hurray for you taking the time to capture the moment!


  2. May,
    Here’s a little story for you: the other day I was working with some PPA adhesive (that you introduced me to!), and while spreading it on the paper with my middle finger, I thought, “I’m doing this like May does!” and I felt especially encouraged…if I can spread glue like you maybe someday I can scrap like you too! Hope this gives you a smile. 🙂

  3. Becca makes me laugh tell her I agree she is fashion, and Elizabeth too for that matter somehow I didn’t expect she’s sneak up on you. Nothing like a scared out of your wits adrenalin rush. LOL!!

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