9/17 movie report:


Ah movies. I’m always looking for new favorites, and despite not liking most that I see… I still watch. (In my studio with stuff to do if I get bored, of course).  Here’s my recent reports…

I loved this tons. I adore Tina Fey, and this was a lot of fun. The supporting cast is really what made it. The scene with James Franco, the whole Mark Wahlberg deal… I laughed HARD and often.

I’m laughing just thinking about the movie and the scene above with Mr.Wahlberg. It was not anything fancy or really complex jokes… it was simply funny to me. I snorted once or twice too. The plot is all in the title – it’s pretty much 1 night of wildness with a married w/kids couple who live in suburban blissful neighborhood. Chaos and hilarious moments ensue. I wouldn’t buy it, but it was well worth the Netflix rent.

You show me a spy/black ops/secret agent type movie and I’m likely to watch. (or read, if it’s a book) I just really love so many of them. So this one… I loved this… then hated it… but I wanted to love it. It actually started strong. They meet while she’s on vacation, fall madly in love instantly (of course) and he wasn’t happy with being a killer, so he opts out and goes into a blissful state of normalcy with his wife. The odd and occasional leaps aside, it wasn’t all bad. But  when the you-know-what hits the fan and the ‘killers’ start coming after Kutcher is when it starts really falling apart.

I’m sorry to say K.Heigl was… well the worse of the two and that’s saying something since I’m anti-Kutcher. I felt like her character was an IDIOT (who runs off when killers are after you and your husband is a pro? I’d stay with him! GLUED to his side!) also I had a really hard time believing that Kutcher was this badass trained killer. I was pretty sure had I walked on set with the same gun I’d be way more menacing. Um, that’s not good. But he worked here – as a guy who really wasn’t into the life but was good at it so had been doing it. Overall? The movie just didn’t hit the mark. It was weak and a lot of the plot made me groan – totally hacky.

I’m rambling. Bottom line I can’t recommend it to you – unless you’re bored, love “spy” stuff, and have nothing better to do with your night. (As I did the night I watched it)

In other movie news, I can recommend Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief  (I’m gonna work on book series now) and tell you to RUN AWAY from Clash of the Titans. There are no Titans nor Clashing in that movie. Nor is there a plot of any kind or man-candy (just guys in armor w/fake abs built in… lame) It was AWFUL and I was embarrassed for all involved. In fact, it started a whole action movie debate via text with my girlfriend and I’m going to be posting more about my beliefs on that deep & profound subject some other day.

What have you watched and liked? loved? hated? As always, feel free to share!!


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  1. May have you seen the backup plan yet? We just watched and enjoyed that one had us laughing a LOT.

    I wasn’t so impressed with Clash of the Titans either but my husband liked it of course.

    Currently I’m working my way through Dexter Season 4 been waiting for it to hit DVD.

  2. I had to LOL! I guess I’m such an old-fogey….. I stick to the classics when I’m scrappin’ 😉
    I would love to see Eat, Pray, Love….. Have you got any reviews on that one?

  3. I read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and liked it WAY better than the movie (haven’t read any more in the series though).

  4. I love Date Night. We were with family when we saw it in the theaters and it was just the light hearted comedy we needed. We laughed our a…… off! I like you still think about bits from the movie and laugh. Like when they got in the boat and it made so much noise, but it went so slow! Still a favorite. Thanks for the review on Killers. Will pass.

  5. My husband and I saw Date Night while we were out on a very rare “date night” of our own. It was funny, and suspenseful. I’m sure we won’t ever buy it, but it was a good night out flick. 🙂

    My Mom and I just saw Eat, Pray, Love this week. Recommended for fans of the book or Julia Roberts or Javier Bardem. I felt that they did the book justice and Julia did a great job. Some things were glossed over a bit, but overall, I felt it was a rich experience. Javier Bardem was very sweet in this role.

    Looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie in November.

  6. This is a long, long time ago, but….my best friends went to see the original “Clash of the Titans” with get this, Harry Hamlin, and said they voted it “all time worst movie ever – by FAR”. So I knew to stay away LOL. Should have warned you – sorry!

  7. Have just finished watching “When in Rome”. My advice….DON’T !!! Absolute shocker. I can’t believe that I watched ALL of it. Not even Josh Duhamel could soften the blow…..oh well, the good news is that I have True Blood 3 to start and New Moon *breathe*

  8. It’s an HBO movie, so I don’t know if it’s out for rent yet but one of the best movies I’ve seen all year called Temple Grandin. It’s a really touching, funny and uplifting story. I highly recommend it!

  9. i loved percy jackson! we’re going to read greek mythology in one of my hs classes just so we can watch pj the couple days before we get out for fall break. 🙂

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