I will never forget.


I can’t wrap my emotions around a blog post that feels right today. I will just say, the events of 9/11/2001 will be burned into my heart and soul forever. The innocent lives of people working and traveling, the lives of the fire and police there to help and rescue… the pure horror of the entire day. I could never forget this day, the events, or how the lives of so many has changed in the aftermath.

I know there are other events and tragedies, that other things happen that I perhaps don’t remember the date of. This one is different for me. I still cry when I think about it. I remember Jason waking me up and telling me to turn on the news as he drove into work. My shock as I watched a plane crash. My fear for him and his fellow firefighters as I watched members of the NYFD crushed in the collapsing buildings live on TV. I remember every detail.

I will lead a ‘normal’ day today, but don’t for one second think I don’t remember. I don’t want to hear about conspiracy theories or government plots. It doesn’t change what happened or the lives lost. The thousands of soldiers deployed since then. The way it changed our entire country from air travel to visiting national landmarks/treasures.

I remember. I can never forget.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more… I’ll never forget that day. In fact it’s unusual for me, but I remember every little detail of that day – such a horrific thing. Thanks for reminding us all. You have a great day!

  2. Definitely an event etched in my mind. I can tell you where I was, who was there, etc.

    May we never forget those who lost their lives.

  3. My sister watched the smoke billowing from the towers from her apartment in NJ, right across the river. She emailed me the whole time, while fighter planes were buzzing past my office building in Ohio. THAT is the sort of thing I rememer. Watching it on a portable TV in our office, while still having to go to staff meetings and work on projects. It was surreal. Like the world was coming to an end, and yet it was going on at the same time.

  4. I am only an hour away from NYC and lost several people from my town who worked in the WTC. It definitely was a strange time and a feeling of utter helplessness. I remember how weird it was the day after to not see one plane in the sky; how my husband and I stayed up almost all night watching the news coverage; how my husband’s dream of becoming an airline pilot came to an end that day; how anxious we were to get in the car and drive to Ground Zero to help. Now I struggle on how to explain the events to my 4-year old. He has watched the memorials with me, and yet I don’t have the words to explain to him how life truly changed that day. God bless our firefighters and police officers.

  5. i am in canada, but we all watched the news that morn and canadians were lost as well……. it was horrible to watch…… at that time i drove a school bus…… kindergarten to grade 12 – the kids were so terrified, was it going to happen to them, would they die on the bus, would they see their parents again, why did this happen……….. it was all the kids talked about, teachers, parents everyone trying to help young ones make some sort of sense of senseless things. all our airports took in flights that were destined for the usa, not knowing what we were allowing to land……. at that point no one knew………
    my s-i-l was supposed to be at the wtc that day, but her daughter was sick and she didn’t want to fly from bc to ny and leave her baby girl…….
    the radio station i always had playing on the bus played one of my all time favourite songs and one that i thought was appropriate for the day……… to everything there is a time….. from ecclas. in the bible……… and then he read the verse……… i turned it up and asked the kids to listen, i will always remember the children……….
    i was in a teddy bear making group at the time and we all made bears and donated them for the children…… i ordered stars and stripe fabric and even made a flag quilt to go with the bear…… we never heard who bought them afterwards…… but i have always prayed that mine helped someone, somewhere…… and i still think of the kids……. the ones who lost their parents, friends relatives and the ones on my bus that morning……..
    this impact was felt around the world
    sorry this was so long…….. but it really does still bring tears……..

  6. Every aspect of that day and the days that followed are etched into my mind, heart and memory. Our family, neighbors, friends have never been the same for many reasons I can’t describe. Seeing the smoke from the coastline of my town. Calling my sister-in-law cross-country and waking her up with my struggles to explain and her not understanding till she turned on the news. Frantic calls to my sister in France. The boys so little recreating planes and towers with lego from too much TV news footage. I still can see the photo of a dad swimming on Sunday 9/9/01 with his family that a friend and I put in a small album for his wife, the dad my friend’s best friend from high school… I struggle with so much emotion and tears. I collected mini-albums for families to give them a safe place for treasured photos/memories with a bunch of others around the country. The notes that were sent are testament that the majority of people are truly wonderful and loving. And that is what I want to put in an album or page someday but it is still too difficult. Thank you May and all of the rest. We shouldn’t forget.

  7. Thank you May. My husband deployed soon after to protect our country from more tragedy. That day is forever in my heart and mind. I am proud of the strength of our great country and proud of men like our husbands who selflessly give of themselves for others. Please tell your firefighter that this Texan says “thanks”.
    May God bless us and may we never forget…

  8. Thank you for your honesty about this day. My sons’ life is changed. And tell your husband thank you for his daily sacrifices to keep us safe…

    We are all changed aren’t we?

  9. I’ll never forget. I was holding my 1 month old daughter and watched live when they still thought it was pilot error and not an attack. I watched for days. I asked Rebecca what 9/11 was and she had no idea. She told me they don’t talk about it in school. I told her what happened. She was upset, because I was crying. We live in PA right in the middle of the action. It amazes me that it’s not discussed here in school not just for the act itself, but for the bravery of the people who rushed in to help. Tell your husband I appreciate what he risks everyday for others.

  10. Just found you after looking around Tims site – this post has made me weep. I knew no one involved at all but will never forget the terrible tradgedy of that day. I know the anniversary has passed but the event itself will stay with us forever – each and everyday of our lives x God bless x

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