I’m just standing around.


personal pet peeve: people who are always ready with excuses. “I’m so busy”, “I got hung up on some work stuff”, “kid is sick”, “there was family drama”… I could go on all day. Bottom line? We’ve all got the same 24hrs/day and our own reasons – doesn’t make it ok/good/worse than anyone else. Spend more time doing, less time excusing is what I like to say.

sorry for the random rant. Let’s move on..


if only.

Seriously? Honestly? NO excuses.

I let myself down this week (I had some cool things to make/share this week that aren’t getting done) – and FYI I am aware that I have high standards and most of the time I am actually quite content with what I do.

Here’s my thing: Better to have high goals now and then and stretch, than to sit complacent and never reach at all. You know?

 But this week? Not so much. I’ve been WAY too unfocused this week. Getting lured into hours of on-line surfing (ugh. hello time kill) and just being, well, unfocused! Can I blame the full moon? (just kidding – like I said… no excuses!)

speaking of ranting have you seen the “Tru Blood” at stores? I saw it being sold for $7. Um, people, who is paying that kind of cash for a blood orange soda? I think it’s clever to package soda like the blood drink on the show and all, but unless that’s some kind of awesome/organic/best soda ever made infused with magic weight loss formula that’d make me drop a dress size by morning… NO CHANCE I’d pony up that kind of cash. If I wanted to pretend to be a blood sucking vampire (um, ew) I’d make my own brew or use food coloring on sprite or something. geez.

Enough from random land!! I’m off to email the (chosen randomly) winners of the random boxes ‘o fun from my studio + fun mail… if it’s not you this time? Stay tuned. I have lots of ideas!!

I hope you have a fantastic day- have I mentioned you’re looking fabulous?

I’m feeling frazzled and out of whack myself. I will spare you the details. But I do want to tell you that I am taking the weekend off – I will be back to resume regular (hopefully non-vampire and lame post filled) blogging. Questions answered. Projects shared. Ideas. Fun.

Edited to add: I just looked over my blog postings for the last week and… well they don’t seem so bad/lame/awful/people are going to run away and never return as I thought. Score one for me? Perhaps I just felt that way because my brain knew what was SUPPOSED to have gone up? Maybe. Who knows. Will stop typing. Now…


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  1. I thought the Tru Blood drink was an alcoholic beverage! Never actually stopped to look. Just figured, for that price, there’s vodka or something in there. If it’s just juice, piss on that.

  2. Wow, that sure is an expensive drink! I need to limit my blog surfing stuff and actually do something. No more excuses I am going to create some stuff tonight.

  3. I’m so there with you on the getting sucked into other things this week!! My weekly to do list was/is pretty huge never would have gotten it all done anyway but sure would have been nice to accomplish most of it.

    Oh well here’s to a better next week being able to stay on task and less distractions.

    My own fault for putting other non important things first! Like surfing the net….I try not to get sucked in but sometimes it’s just so easy.

    I am SOOO there with the whole excuses thing, I mean seriously we all make choices and just because someone made bad ones doesn’t mean that their day/life is better/worse/more important. We can change things but if we just keep complaining about the same things and don’t do anything to change them then we deserve what we get. (touchy subject here just tried to explain that to a “friend”)

    I haven’t seen the tru blood in stores, if I did I’d probably be like Amanda and think it had alcohol in it. I’ve bought some pricey juice before but $7 is way out of my range. Plus the thought of “drinking blood” real or not grosses me out. LOL Don’t get me wrong I love the tru blood books, the show not so much but once I realized that even if I was a vampire I could still die I sort of lost my obsession with vampires.

  4. I agree on having high expectations. That’s what I do with my kids (and I used to do with employees I supervised), always remembering to give them credit for improvement as long as they are putting effort towards the goal. So you need to remember too to give yourself some credit along the way.

  5. Runaway from your blog because of the last post? Nah. It shows you’re just human and like the rest of us can get fed up with minor things. This is your place to vent and if it makes some of us smile (like me), then it’s all the better. 😀

  6. I think i kind of like “random May” 🙂 enjoy your time off…and for goodness sakes I hope you get some reading done!! 🙂

  7. May — I have had a wonderful morning belly laugh at “unless that’s some kind of awesome/organic/best soda ever made infused with magic weight loss formula that’d make me drop a dress size by morning… NO CHANCE I’d pony up that kind of cash.”

    This is the best description of the “wonder drink” someone needs to market I’ve ever seen!

    Thanks for giving us a great compliment and you, too, are simply always beautiful. (Even when frazzled!) and utterly creative!
    Have an fantastically relaxing weekend. Hugs to your darling dolls, too!

  8. Your post made total sense to me. 🙂 Also, if you ever do find that drink that makes you drop a dress size by morning please post about it because I want some too!! Have a great weekend!

  9. I took a student leadership class in high school (a very LOOOONG time ago), and the teacher used to say something that I took with me: “Better to aim high and miss, than aim low and hit.” I think it might have been a quote from Leo Buscaglia. That have been said, I waste plenty of time, and even make my share of excuses. But that makes people like you so much more inspiring! ;o) Enjoy the time off!

  10. can’t believe there is a ‘true blood’ soda!!! oh my goodness!!!!!
    and this time thang :O/ we live in the boonies and about 10 yrs ago a bunch of us would get together from up to 4hrs away and sb the weekend away!!! we are all still the same people etc…… some – their kids have even graduated and don’t live at home anymore and yet we don’t have time to get together :O/
    i still try to get in a little sb’ing every day :O) but sure would be nice to not sb alone all the time……..
    so TOTALLY agree with you post!!!! :O)

  11. Hi! I get frustrated with web surfing too!!! I was ready to quit the blog etc., but since I’ve started…

    You have a great weekend and feel great come Monday.

  12. I know some people that bought some and some that won it and said it was good but reality check $7 for a bottle of soda not happening here either. Glad to know I am not the only one that thought it was crazy. I laughed when I saw it in Borders last week.

    Most of us have weeks where things just don’t get done it is called life – seems to be happening way too often here. Trying to finally finish some LOs/projects today that I started during camp scrap in preparation for your next class. So can’t wait for Thursday.

  13. In my “humble opinion” (IMHO) I believe ‘excuses’ are based on priorities…If I make an ‘excuse’ it usually i have other (personal) priorities..so it usually means i’d rather be spending my time on ‘something else’ so if i say i’ve already got other plans or i’ve had my mind on work…it USUALLY means…i’d rather be working, or i’d rather go somewhere else…maybe I just make excuses because I’d rather not let you down or say the wrong thing…I love this quote actually…”The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment” – Dorothy Nevill, just saying that’s all……ok. this is going on my blog today. TFS and Thanks for the inspiration May xxxxxxxxxxxx

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