Glee + me.


I resisted Glee. Why?

  1. I hate it when fans of a show PUSH IT on others. It’s one thing to be like “oh yeah, I loved ___ on __” but to be all “May you HAVE to watch it. It’s the best thing EVER WATCH IT WATCH IT NOW”… well that’s obnoxious and I tend to run the other way.
  2. High School + singing? ugh. come.on.
  3. Also I have issues. Largely with people telling me things I MUST do or see.

Now if you’re a fan, perhaps from episode #1 please understand: I still love you dear friend. A LOT of my friends are “Gleeks” as they call themselves and I don’t love them less for it… even if they did make me avoid facebook + twitter on days when there was a new episode. Yeah, I just avoided all things Glee. So WHY did I watch it at long last?

My Netflix hit a “I don’t want to watch ANYTHING available in my queue” mood and so I threw it in. Just for fun and to see. I thought it might be mock-worthy. What did I think?

  1. Sue Sylvester is where it’s at. That greasy haired Glee advisor annoys me too! Squash him Sue! do it! (um, yeah I LOVE Jane Lynch. A LOT)
  2. I love musicals. I love dancing and singing stuff. I love that aspect of this show.
  3. The pregnancy drama/scandal/plots that ruled the first (13?) episodes? LAME. ANNOYING. OVER IT.
  4. Surprised at talent, all the hilarious bits snuck in here & there, and how much I enjoyed it.
  5. Wouldn’t call it “best ever” – but would strongly recommend and WILL be adding it to my fall must see TV line up. (With Modern Family, 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, and Community)
  6. Don’t like any of the “main” characters all that much, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t need to like them to like this (exceptionally well done) show.
  7. How stupid is it that they’re releasing the 2nd 1/2 of the season #1 until season #2 is about to start? LAME! ANNOYING! (angry wants rest of season NOW fan over here)
  8. I have less than zero interest in downloading any of their versions of any songs. Just don’t.
  9. If it were a romance novel then Puck would be leading man. The dark/broody/needs reforming dude? Always more interesting than the squeaky clean good boy. (duh)
  10. I don’t think it can last for endless years, I mean it’s based on these kids going through high school, but I hope they’ll keep quality up and make it good while it does last.

If they don’t give me any more preggo lame quasi-drama, if that psycho wife gets out of the picture… yeah I see myself continuing to give thumbs up.

Season #2 I’ll be watching. I will also be willing to cut you out if you annoy me too much. I’m ruthless with my TV. Ugly Betty, the Office, CSI… there have been a LOT of shows that I’ve culled in favor of newer/better/fresher talent. This is how I get more done – I’m not just watching TV every day!

Oh yeah, and you will NOT see me telling anyone they have to watch. Watch, don’t watch, wash your hair… it’s your evening. Use it as you see fit.

I may break into song and add in some choreography over here… don’t mind me.


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  1. May — once again, you are describing me to a “T”. (are you sure we aren’t clones of each other?) I waited and thought “NO! they aren’t going to tell ME to watch something that sounds, well! LAME to me.”

    But I did the same thing you did, got it from Netflix; I’m crazy about it for the same reasons and dislike the same things (the pregnancy thing was really stupid, I thought). As a teacher, tho’, and as a person who lived through all of this as a “glee club member”, it’s hilarious.

    The last show of the season has a song that I even would download (if I downloaded songs).

    Bye for now, “Twin” May!

  2. Oh, for funny. I hear what you’re saying. I definitely do. That’s how I feel about 24 or Ugly Betty or Twilight or coffee.

    I do love Glee though.

    In May of last year they premiered the pilot and then made me wait until September to play it again….along with the rest of the episodes.

    I have the first three CDs. I don’t have the Madonna one or the Finals one. I’ll most likely buy them both.

    I love musicals. I love singing. I was in choir, theater, etc,etc, in school. I miss it terribly.

    Matthew Morrison=HOTTTT in my book.

  3. Hmm – it lost out in light of me loving something else more. Now you make me want to see what is out there on the Verizon free repeats….

    There was another new show last year – The Good Wife. Julianna Margulies and Christopher Noth. Did you see it? It turned into my favorite newbie…..And it was much under-reviewed…and almost canceled….see what you think about it.

  4. It took me a while to get into it – the storylines (especially the pregnancy one) can sometimes be rocky and the singing isn’t always great. But I’ve been re-watching them on the summer repeats, and actually what is really clever about the show is the more subtle bits – during the songs, watch the expressions on the faces of those not singing – it really adds something, I think. And some of the less major characters start to really come into their own too.

  5. I have Glee a try when it first started and I liked it at first. Then the whole fake pregnancy started and it all got WAY too teenage drama for me. I have teenagers and they love all of those drama shows but I can’t stand them.

    I gave up Glee after only a month of watching but I don’t miss it.

    I’ve cut back on my TV watching as well and I really have to like a show for it to make it on my DVR.

  6. Annoying, am I? LOL – glad to hear your time wasn’t totally wasted.

    Sue Sylvester is a fabulous character. Figgins is pretty darn funny, too – even funnier with repeat viewings. One of my favourite things is Brittany’s dialogue: “Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?” or “I’m pretty sure my cat’s been reading my diary.”

    Oh yeah – Puck is definitely leading man material. I, too, come from a long history of musical theatre, and own most of the CDs which were worth every penny. While it’s inappropriate plot-wise, IMO the best vocal pairing is Rachel and Will – easy to miss because the scene is so funny. I’ll hold my comments on the high school pregnancy plot having been there, done that.

  7. Oh boy. So glad you wrote this. I know so many people who are obsessed with Glee and I’ve always felt secretly guilty that I’m just not that enamored. Like you, I think Sue Sylvester is awesome, and if I were a teenager I’d probably have a huge crush on Puck. The rest is just blah for me. I loved the episode where Kurt joined the football team but I’ve never gotten into it since then.

    Really hated the pregnancy storylines, too much like daytime TV.

  8. I have watched a couple of episodes of Glee. I agree with you on a lot of points…the kids are talented, the characters are lame, they REALLY need to get rid of the fake pregnancy wife, & I enjoy the music.

  9. I haven’t gotten into it either, even though I liked the first 2 episodes–maybe I should give it another shot!

  10. It does get better–the face pregnancy was very bad–Quinn’s has some touching moment but I won’t spoil the 2nd half of the season for you. My daughter and I love musical theater and this is a good fix when the next play is weeks or months away.

    A gleek and proud of it.

  11. It’s funny because I’ve been hearing so much about this show from MBs and I’m in Oz and it wasn’t on TV here. We just got back from Europe and I watched a few episodes on the plane … to come back and find it on TV now!

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