Bye Tuesday.


So today was supposed to be quiet… work filled… productive.

This afternoon has been, actually! I did some leg work on secret stuff for my first 2011 BPS class (more info later!) then I cleaned a bit in my studio (purge prizes coming FRIDAY!)…

but then as I sat down to think about blogging I realized… um… it’s WEDNESDAY, not Tuesday as I thought until this moment. Whoops.

What happened to sweet Tuesday? Well it went something like this. Jason said we needed to go test drive the Honda CR-V. I said fine, no problem. Me? I’m thinking he’s still in research mode (where he’s been for MONTHS on-line and such). Him? Doing math and realizing that FAST approaching is registration/smog/etc. due for our old car that we want to trade in. AKA the car I bought myself back in the year 2000 when I was a single lady working at a bank. AKA the car Jason spent months researching within my budget only to come back and tell me sorry, Civic was best I was gonna do. AKA the car that has been all over the west coast + on at least six trips to Disneyland. ANYWAYS!

We drive it, it’s cool, I tell him two colors I’d be happy with and drive girls back home so he can get more info/do his thing with dealership… I was thinking he’d talk to them then walk. He had been *shudder* eyeing a station wagon of a different brand and when flames flared from my nose (I’m sorry – I’m not a station wagon woman) I think he got the hint that the “other” car he was looking into was so NOT going to happen.

To finish this long winded tale: at about 9pm last night we were back home with a new friend. Meet “Tink” (named by girls – color is opal sage or some such thing)

As I type I realize the wildness of yesterday is a decent excuse to forget that all the paperwork that was going to happen then was delayed, and that I should catch up on some things so I’m ready for THURSDAY, which starts in a few hours, and has a to-do list all it’s own.

Gotta love August – and it just keeps getting crazier…


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  1. Congrats on the new ride, I’m sure it will make it’s fair share of trips and memories for your family.

    Super secret stuff huh whew you’re gonna kill me with the suspense!! Can’t wait to hear more.

    Enjoy the rest of your week that’s flying right by I know mine has anyway.

  2. OK, I;m just glad to know my husband isn’t the only one who does the crazy car trading thing. We went to look at one car (Suburban), and I had to run a fast errand. I was gone FIVE MINUTES, and when I got back, he had the keys to an Escalade. It was very nice, but total surprise! Enjoy your new ride!

  3. Ooh, nice new car! Congrats! Love the name too!!! And my hubby is the same with cars. He once dropped Conor and I in to a friend’s place and looked at car dealerships nearby and ordered!
    I can’t wait to hear about your new BPS class. Just signed up for UYS!!

  4. Hahahaha! My husband has pulled that on me twice. But I’ve always loved the cars. Now I’m an old pro when I hear that line. We’ve finally reached the point where we’re on our “last” car. ( I hope/think )

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