7/31 housekeeping


(late) announcement: Scrapbook Adhesives winner is Verbena!

email me (mflaum @ comcast. net) to claim prize

So hey friends. I’ve been a creative girl this week, and much is still to be revealed. With the 1st of the month means new kit reveals which means projects from me… stay tuned for that. (Below is a peekie…) I’ve got some random pics/notes/thoughts to share today.

What else is going on? Well we’re entering the last stages of true summer (school starts mid-august) and we are going out with a series of big bangs! Visitors, parties, the fair, fun… it’s going to be WILD. But don’t worry, there’s lots of posting set up so even though I’ll be running all over you will still find a lot going on right here.

Speaking of school (and oh my cuteness) I am taking both photos and notes as we prepare for back to school. Pre-school for miss about to be 3yo, K for her big sister. Watch for layouts + a ‘best of back to school’ article to be coming from me next month. Miss almost-3 is being quite demanding about her birthday cake… much note taking for future scrapbooking happening on my part for sure!

Guess I’d better get back to prepping for the BBQ, house guests, birthday girl… it’s going to be a fantastic 8 days.

keep it classy friends.


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  1. May…Both girls out to school. uh? I remember the first day my son went to his pre-k. He knew some friends and didn’t care I left. He just wanted to play. He will be 18 in December.
    Time flies!

  2. wow! yeah you just stand around…so dont be so lazy !!! LOL (NOT)..hey your Miss 3 reminds me of my little Sis (hoping the pic is gonna upload) at same age !! and yes of miss Shirley Temple…

    happy scrappin’ May love from downunder 🙂

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