Girls’ Paperie: what’s in the box?


I love vintage. I love Christmas. I love the tinsel & twig line by the Girls’ Paperie that is making it’s debut at CHA right now. I can’t wait to have the whole line in my hands!

I sat and watched TV with Jason as I curled and formed this bow. REALLY easy- you just need a strong adhesive (Crafty Power Tape is great) and the ability to make a loop of paper, adhere, and flatten a bit.

To make the box (yes, I MADE it, didn’t just cover some other box) I drew a “T” of 3″ squares (three across, four up/down) that when folded made the box. If you do this – just be sure to leave some excess paper as “tabs” here and there. It’s easy I swear.  For now – just look at that trim. those patterns. *sigh* I LOVE this stuff!!

When I finished I said “BAM!” to Jason and he replied that he is never surprised. He clarified that what he means is, I never surprise him with the ideas that take root in my creative brain. Truly nice words… and a project I’ll be doing a TON for this Christmas!!

more projects from the girls’ paperie CHA booth to be posted all week… I hope you enjoy!


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  1. So cute! I’m guessing that you made large loops and adhered them in the middle of the loop to the center of the box, so that it creates 2 loops – rather than each loop being separate and adherig the end to the middle of the box. Have I got it right?

    • No, each is separate – no double loops. That would work – I just did it the other way, and all the loops ‘meet’ in the center.

  2. I am loving this paper line, cant wait for it to be available. I have got to try this bow. I like to make my own bows for Christmas so this would be different.

  3. I love the bow which I think I could make. (I can see the box in my head, but mine would most likely be crooked.) Awesome paper line. Thank you for showing us how!!

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