Girls’ Paperie: Toil & Trouble


 When I got the new Girls’ Paperie line samples to work with, I nearly fainted. It’s just SO lovely. Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween- most of the product is not “theme-y” so you could use it for anything.

Still – since I LOVE scrapbooking Halloween and didn’t have any pictures ready to scrabook (but had a line to work with and a deadline!) I had to improvise. I decided to bribe Becca to get in one of E’s old Halloween costumes and eat chocolate.

It wasn’t that hard to bribe her, and soon I had some orange + black cutie pie photos to work with…

… not to mention some of the insanely CUTEST product ever.

I pulled out a trick from long ago – I taught a class (2o03? 2004?) a long time ago where I made a pumpkin from paper and placed photos on it. I dare say this one is WAY better than the original!!

All that stitching, the lacy details, the glitter… this page was pure heaven to make. I am already looking forward to making some decorations with this line of papers AND scrapbooking my 2010 pictures with it. Waiting is going to be hard.

{stay tuned – more from the girls’ paperie all week!}


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  1. Halloween is not tops on my list of holidays, but this paper would definitely move it up on the list! One gets so overloaded with blog sneaks at this time of the year, but this definitely rises to the top and is remembered. That’s saying something!

  2. Oh May, this is adorable! I think I may lift some of this if that’s ok? What is the black lace to the left of E’s photo?

  3. May, this is over the top gorgeous! I love the photos and everything about the layout! The Girls Paperie has become one of my most favorite lines! I can’t wait to see what else you’ve created!

  4. So, May, this is the finished product of the “orange” page. Looks like the bribe worked, even though it wasn’t HER costume! Really cute! (Both, or course – daughter and page)

  5. OMGOsh…what an awesome line of product!
    Oh, yes, and how adorable is it that bribery worked! So cute!!
    I love her curls, btw.
    I’m going to have to use that pumpkin ‘background’ for my one of my pages this year. TFS!!

  6. Man oh man – my boys have *sigh* outgrown Halloween, but this would definitely make me want to dig up some 10 year old photos! Love it! – pennyscraps

  7. It makes me smile to read about your adventures. I must tell you I like the prodcuts you show very much, but the pieces of yourself that you share are the best;)

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