Deep thoughts…


Truly, I’m filled with deep thoughts…

How late can I stay up working and still be fully functional and productive the next day?

If I have this cookie, how long do I have to run to burn off the calories?

Can I wish on a shooting star for my whole studio to be magically clean?

Why can’t I remember to charge my ipod?

Exactly how many chocolates am I going to have to skip to finally fit in the jeans I wore on my honeymoon?

Why is my neighbor blasting BAD 80’s rock music?

It bothers me to be late or behind. It rubs me like a itchy tag in my shirt bad. Is this good or bad?

What will I do with all my free time once my to-do list is all done?

Why do I take pictures that look like I’m thinking but am really just giggling on the inside?

How long am I going to ask questions on my blog tonight?

Is anyone still reading this? Will they ever come back to my blog to visit?

What should I blog about tomorrow?

If I eat this chocolate in secret does it still have calories? Or do they not count?


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  1. I love this May – especially the last one. Do you remember the joke e-mail that did the rounds where it was OK to eat broken cookies because the process of breakage causes calorie leakage. I still want to believe that.

    So, at least one of your questions is answered – I am reading this and – to answer the next one, I will come back to visit again.

    As for tomorrow, why not blog about the latest sweet thing your youngest is saying, or if not that, then about your cute-as-pie puppy (how big is she now, and can she do any tricks?).

    Am starting my own blog for a work-related course; if I can keep it going for the duration of the course, I might join you in the blogosphere doing my ‘real’ life!

  2. Well May, when you changed your picture on FB I commented that I missed your smile and wondered what was on your mind. Now I know that you were fooling us and “giggling on the inside”. You are certainly the profound thinker – the pose is even reminiscent of the statue. And I, too, was sitting here pondering how late I could stay up and be functional since I have to drive to San Diego and back tomorrow. If I start another LO I’ll be up TOO long, so I think the answer for me is bedtime, now! And BTW – when you eat that chocolate in sceret just be sure not to slip up and tell your body, then it will never know, so how could it possibly store any calories?!?

  3. love all the questions and of course we’ll be back. I can relate to the chocolate questions – I absolutely love chocolate – eat it everyday but I need to stop!!!!

  4. You are too funny, I’m LOL here! Anything eaten late at night just before you go to bed doesn’t count calorie wise. Just like broken pieces of chocolate or broken biscuits (cookies) don’t count. Gorgeous pic of you

  5. ….and the meaning of life is….(just thought I could add to the conversation…) If you look at things from a third person perspective (like looking down from heaven) somehow the questions change. Have a great week! πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t know about eating in secret, but I DO know that when you are on vacation calories don’t count at all. πŸ™‚

  7. Giggling here. Your musings would make a great page and that photo would go well with it πŸ™‚
    And yes, I’ll be back tomorrow to see what else you’ve shared. Yours is one of the few blog that I faithfully visit because you make me smile πŸ™‚

  8. Love ya , May !! Loved reading the list! I’m giggling right along with you while I eat this cookie in secret !

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