A ‘bounty’ rant.


Last night I watched a movie that netflix thought I’d rate “4.2” – that’d be pretty dang high. What did I give it? maybe a 1.5. It was SO boring that I made all my class kits for this weekend during it. Seriously after watching this movie I think I should write screenplays… because mine would kick the crap out of this pile.

Jennifer Aniston was the same character she always is, and Gerard Butler… well this is the 2and movie I can think of that I saw him in and I just don’t get it. If I saw him in my gym I wouldn’t glance twice. Not eye candy. The plot of this gem was so beyond garbage… blech. AWFUL movie. This is why I’m so glad I was so productive during my viewing – I don’t have to ask for my ninety minutes back.

Speaking of bounty hunters, I live in a house of Dog the Bounty Hunter fans. The music comes on, they love it. All 3 of them.

I admit it’s entertaining… but I would be fine if it never aired again. Know what I mean? I just don’t like much TV, yet I can’t NOT watch Beth & the crew if it’s on and I’m in the room.

I AM a fan of the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich (well, up until about #13) and I was very excited to see that there is a movie finally being filmed based on the first book. Will it be great? Will it go down in AWFUL flames like other book to movies (Shopaholic, comes to mind)… only time will tell us that. I just saw this picture on her facebook page…

Above you see Katherine Heigl dressed (on set?) for her part as Stephanie Plum. I know there are a lot of haters out there – but I think she could pull it off. My only groan-tastic rant about this bounty hunter from Jersey book turned movie is this: fans who won’t zip it with who they ‘saw’ playing the parts in the already cast and now filming movie. Get over it. It’s a pet peeve of mine when I hear people whine about “we should have gotten ___ to do ____” when they aren’t industry insiders and/or aren’t thinking about how it works. Gahhhh.

This is who we got, I’m going to be optimistic about it… and good or bad I will probably be there opening night… in a year or two or whenever it actually hits theaters. That is, assuming Gerard Butler is nowhere near this (though I must admit he didn’t bug me in Ugly Truth with Heigl. Oh nevermind.) There we go – that’s my ringing endorsement for One for the Money (Stephanie Plum flick) – “at least it’s not Jen Aniston pretending to be a Jersey girl bounty hunter!”

*end of bounty hunting rant*

Ps: Fun fact did you know Ms. Heigl was the star in that classic 90’s flick My father the Hero?!?! I realized that and re-rented it… and wretched. What an awful movie. Why did I watch it like 1000x as a young teen? Oh right, I wanted to be on a tropical island and have a super hot guy fall for me… instead of being the horribly awkward, zero confidence and fashion sense geek I was.

*end typing now I promise*


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    • They are actors I don’t know – some info is up on imdb.com – but not tons. I actually see “non A-list” guys as a plus for this – will be easier to identify them as Morelli & Ranger – you know?

  1. I went to the THEATER to see Bounty Hunter! That’s $9 I will never see again lol. It was terrible!
    I’m looking forward to the Stephanie Plum movie & really, really hope they do a better job on this one. I love, love the sarcasm and humor in the books (although I agree that they have fallen off in quality lately).

  2. I’m bummed about the Bounty Hunter, but I’ll probably rent it just so I can see for myself, can’t help it, I like Jen A.

    Looking forward to the Stephanie P movie. I have read all 14 books, waiting for daughter to find 15 and she is now reading 16. Some are better then others, but I’m still hooked.

  3. I just finished Sizzling Sixteen this week – NOT her best effort. . .and I saw a picture of KH as Stephanie. . .my mom and I think Sandra Bullok would be great – but I think she’s “too old” to play a 20-something now. . .maybe not. . .my probelm – is after 16+ books – I have CLEAR pictures of them in my head. . .


    • You know, I have pictures in my head too, but none of a specific actor for any parts. I think it’s impossible to know who will be great/awful until the footage is seen. The ‘frizzy’ hair pictured on Heigl so totally matches my Stephanie look in my mind that I see potential. I’m hopeful!!

      Considering I never pictured Renee Z. as Bridget Jones (but LOVED her as Bridget) I remain optimistic. 🙂 Can’t wait to find out though! Good or bad.


  4. Oh May, tell us what you really think LOL!! Did you happen to see P.S. I Love You with Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank? If not you really must check it out; that’s the movie that got me hooked on GB. I quite enjoyed The Ugly Truth but I’m a Heigl fan also (love 27 Dresses with what’s-his-name Marsden). Bounty Hunter I rated higher than your 1.x but definitely not 4.x – but I’m not an Aniston fan either.

    I’m not a Stephanie Plum fan – the books have never appealed to me – but I might check out this movie just because of Katherine Heigl. And who knows? I might then have another great series to read – at least for a dozen books or so 😉

    • I liked 27 dresses enough to buy it as a ‘scrapbook’ listening movie. I’m not quite feeling ‘fan-ish’ towards Heigl, but if she pulls S.Plum off I will be. As for the PS movie – no I haven’t but it’s in my Netflix so I’ll be sure to report back!

  5. Loved this post May. I haven’t seen the Bounty Hunter yet, but will probably watch it sometime and have plenty to be doing while I am. I don’t think I’ve liked any of Jennifer Aniston’s movies yet. Too bad, I loved her in Friends.

    • I am the SAME way!! I just haven’t found a movie with her in it where I loved her. Along came polly was ok, but that’s all I can think of.

  6. Sherry Shepherd announced today she was playing the part of Stephanie’s side-kick. (Lulu?) I cannot wait! She will be perfect.

  7. THanks for the heads up on the bounty hunter, I’ll skip it! Being a long time Plum fan the one person who has always been in my mind was Lulu–I see her played by Jackee–remember her from some Designing Women and other 80’s shows? One thing that influences me is that I’ve listened to many of these plum books from Audible and the narrator that does the various characters is terrific!

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