some days…


It would seem that the sharks are out to get you.

Some days, it’s like you can’t catch a break or get ahead.

You can’t get anything done. Time moves too quick. Nothing is going right.

Brush it off. Keep moving. Keep trying. Keep going.

The day will pass, and you can always start again fresh tomorrow.

I’ve been caught in a ‘something happens each day that prevents me from being productive and it’s NOT my fault!!’ cycle but I know it’ll pass. I’m not giving up and I’m not giving in. Just keeping head up and focusing on what I can do.

Know why? Because if you keep on trying to be positive and move forward eventually you WILL.

{note: the sharks pictured above are not to blame. In fact, they’re quite nice and have entertained my children for countless hours over the last 16 months or so}


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  1. May —

    I love this photo and the accompanying comment! It is so very true.

    Looking for LOST items can be like these sharks, just have to keep pushing forward!

  2. Awww May I’m sorry you are feeling this way! Would it help to know that YOU have been inspiring me TREMENDOUSLY lately? I am taking Camp Scrap with you and tonight when you sent that email with the bonus sketch I almost screamed out loud! I immediately stopped what I was doing and created a two page layout with the sketch and I LOVE it and the sketch!! I posted it in the gallery but it might be easier for you to stop by my blog and see it here:

  3. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Just know though, that you are inspiring so many people wih your wonderful Camp Scrap class.

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