6.30 {and a bit random}


Know what? I’m done saying “I’ve been busy” and I’m just going to admit to myself that darn it, I just AM a busy bee kind of a girl. Things are always coming at me in swarms, and I’m ok with that. I’m having FUN over here. Today, a end-of-month random kind of round-up blog posting for you:

Last call! all aboard!! Camp Scrap registration closes June 30th (end of the day) so if you’re on the fence this is your last chance!! This class won’t be repeated, so there won’t be another chance to take it. That said, I’m already having SUCH A BLAST… well let’s just say I’m thinking about proposing to do a new camp next year.

 I’ve said too much! Moving on…

BOOKS! Ok, I’ve become addicted to www.goodreads.com mostly because I’m finding MORE books I need to read, and some I am able to now skip on due to trusted friends opinion. The biggest lure for me? Finding people I don’t know in real life (or even ‘real internet life’) who have similar tastes in books who I can subscribe to (their reviews) and find treasures I’d never have otherwise known of. It’s kind of facebook for bookworms, if you know what I mean. *Just call me addicted*

 I’ve been scrapbooking up a STORM this week. Love creative-heavy weeks. Above is a sneaky peek from Scarlet Lime. All will be revealed from that page on the 1st of July.

I’ve got a new article up at Scrapbook Update – all stars & so much fun stuff. I think stars might be my favorite of the basic shapes. SO much I do with them!

I’m feeling in the mood to write, to clean/purge, to do stuff with paint, and spend lots of time with girls doing fun stuff of course. Back to the hive/ batcave/studio for me!!


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