7 bits of random to start the week:


1. Congrats to Andrea Friebus for winning the Scarlet Lime Bead Art goodies!! E-mail me mflaum @ comcast.net with your mailing info so I can get you  hooked up!!

2. Camp Scrap starts up Thursday morning – there is still time to sign up (June 30th is last day for registration, I believe) if you’re still undecided. If you’re vacationing around the 4th of July (or ANY time during class for that matter!) keep in mind we have the “bonus” week for some make up time. So you should totally still hop in!

3. I have had a major commitment EVERY DAY since last Wednesday. My body wants to seek refuge in becoming a hermit crab in my reading corner, alas it looks like mega interactions with people + things to do will continue for at least 6 more days in a row. insane!

4. I have become interested in exercise. Oh, I’ve been at the gym for years… but suddenly I find myself craving a good sweat, and if I don’t work out hard enough I go back (gasp) a second time. Or go for a 10+mile bike ride. Or *double gasp* run. We’ll examine this later, my inner couch potato is sobbing.

5. The new Stephanie Plum novel (#16) comes out Tuesday the 22and… it is my intention to separate from the series for now and NOT buy it. #15 annoyed me quite a bit and I found myself thinking that J.Evanovich needs to either take things in a new direction, or actually, oh, I dunno have Stephanie grow, change, learn, or advance her character in SOME way. The love triangle, the complete lack of any kind of growth… I’m over it. I am pretending the series is over for now. I know this is shocking as I’m a die hard fan…

6. I will never eat pastry/bread/etc at Starbucks or coffee shops again. The “lowfat” stuff still around 400cal. The stuff i like? over 500cal. um, sorry but so NOT worth it!! (Yes, I’m back to being a ‘knowledge is power’ person regarding calories)

7. The man is back to work. For now. Only way to really know if he’s ready (has been a few months since hip/labrum fixed up) is to try. So he went to work and we’ll see… adjustments are already interesting. Above picture has nothing to do with anything except I took it last week.


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  1. Good luck to hubby with starting work! And I feel the same way about Stephanie Plum … all a bit same-same and frustrating really! Can’t wait till Thursday!

    • Exactly!

      I felt like the other characters were getting too much time when Stephanie’s plot lines (in #15) were tired and not going anywhere.

  2. I know a lot of people grumbled when they made the nutrition info on products at restaurants and take out places mandatory but it has been a REAL EYE OPENER for me. Have you ever looked at a McDonalds nutrition menu- OMJ!!!!!!! Even the dollar menu, which I shamefully admit was a quick run in and grab place, is outrageous. I quit eating stuff at Starbucks quite a while ago. Stephanie Plum, I only got thru #3 and haven’t had time to pick her books back up. Thanks for your thoughts on them. Now I love the Womens Murder Club from James Patterson but again, am only thru #3 – I need to get a life that includes my passion of reading again. So much to do, so little time

  3. May, I have a question about Camp Scrap. I love your work and it excites me. I am wondering, though, if our class assignments will be sketch-inspired or layout-inspired? Will we be working to make pages that look very much like YOURS or will be working to learn how to take a sketch and use our supplies to create our own take on YOUR look?

    I don’t know if this is very clear or not – but I am trying to see will we be LEARNING or COPYING, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi!

      I hope this isn’t confusing, but what this class will do is a little of all you mention. There will be a weekly sketch, sometimes I’ll offer journaling prompts, other times it will be more technique or “idea” based… and students will be doing any number of things I imagine. Some might copy more exactly (there are step-by-step instructions for EVERY layout), some might run with the sketches, others might use the prompts, while some will use it very loosely for a jumping off point.

      You’re not expected to do as many layouts as I share – I share loads so that you hopefully find things that appeal to you to try. In this class especially, I’m more focused on getting you creating (period) than teaching super specific lessons that are meant to be followed to letter.

      Does that make sense? I hope so – if not I’d be happy to further clarify!


  4. I am ready for camp! Can you write a note for my boss saying that I will be away for 5 weeks? Pretty please?

    See you in class.

    aka Corrie Fan

  5. May, I loved your journaling on the go ideas yesterday on Ali’s blog! You inspired me to take my journaling cards out of my craft room and make them more accessible 🙂

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