Idea for Thursday: mini book page turned gift card holder


I like turning things into gift card holders. I like gift cards too. They can be fun, pretty, and a HECK of a lot better in shipping fees! So I have been leaning towards making the presentation special. So I’m not just thrusting cash at somebody, but showing that I took time and thought about it…

I saw this super cool Coffee Cup Album (FREE) kit by Wilna over at two peas. I strongly suggest checking out the coolness there. I downloaded, thinking it looked awfully cool but then, what to do with it?

I’m not a mini-book girl 99.9% of the time, but I had other ideas. I printed off just one of the pages, cut it out, and sealed the bottom and open side (one side just folded) leaving the top open…

All I did was add a bit of stitching on one side, spritz a bit with some Chalkboard glimmer mist, edge in gold pen, and add a few do-dads to the front.

On the back I tested out my Copic markers along the edge… jury still out on those, but someday soon I’ll do a post about these ‘new to me’ pens.

and there you have it! A fun little gift card holder (or it could hold a note, and a tag, and/or jewelry or other small gift) made from a mini-book page. Wilna is quick becoming one of my ‘keep an eye on her’ digi designers. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


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  1. Great use of this kit! Love Wilna’s fresh, happy designs – I’ve also got my eye on her ‘Fly’ minibook, et al.

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