Ten things on a Tuesday:


1. First thing: I told Mr. Flaum that if ever I was on a podcast again I’d be sure to praise him, as he is truly exceptional and deserving. He helps with a lot of household stuff, and these days (since he’s not yet back at work) he cooks dinner most nights as well. Yeah, I told him I’d be sure to sing his praises and guess what?

I forgot.

So I.Owe.Him one blog post or perhaps I can remember next time – if there’s a next time. PS – he likes to do funky styles on his hair + grow beard when he’s off work like this. It’s just his way.

2. Guess what? Information is up on my new class at Big Picture!!


Above is a sneaky peek of the page I recently made for class. SO MUCH FUN!! Registration opens next week, but you can start getting info on it, and feel free to ask me q’s too!

3. So what podcast was I on that I mention to in item #1 of this list? The Paperlife with Amy Coon!!! You can listen & see the post Amy did here: May Flaum on Paperlife and be sure to leave a comment on that page. Why? I’ve got TWO give-aways. A spot in my class (that I just mentioned above!) that isn’t even open for registration yet! That’s right, a win it before you can register prize!!! The other is a kit from the always fabulous Scarlet Lime.

Fun fact: The sound of my own voice (recorded) bothers me so I’ll be hiding in my corner over here and hope that you like the show. I had a TON of fun doing it, and I think what Amy is doing is a lot of positive fun.

If you’d like to subscribe to the paperlife podcast you can click HERE for itunes.

4. Day 4 of ‘no dessert’ going splendidly. Almost creepy, in fact. I have the urges to go grab sweets, but it’s more of a habit than need, which is REALLY good and much easier to break out of. Dried fruit, fruit juice, tea w/honey, even a bit of cereal or yogurt are doing the trick in appropriate places.

Above is my new typical afternoon snack. 8oz of berry smoothie + 1/4 cup chex mix. Sometimes I throw some dried fruit or almonds in there just to spice it up. My mom attempted humor last night by calling me to tell me she was scarfing down ice cream and wasn’t I jealous? Real supportive… NOT. Thing is, I could go the rest of my life without ice cream and be fine. I have very specific tastes (when it comes to sweets) and that is a good thing. It makes resisting temptations that much simpler.

5. I have a lot of pretty scrap supplies I’m itching to work with right now. I should probably go craft and get off of computer.

6. I love the Los Lobos version of  “Heigh Ho”. It’s on their Disney album + makes a great get moving song. You can scope it out here: http://disneymusic.disney.go.com/albums/loslobosgoesdisney.html

7.  Yesterday I forgot to take pics for week in the life. WHOOPS. S’okay. I’ll take some today and fake it.

8.  I’ve got a copy of the new Tim Holtz book somewhere in this room and I don’t know where. I was inking and so I set it somewhere safe and now I can’t figure out where that safe spot was. When I do find it, I’ll be posting my thoughts. I really like it.

9. I adore rainy days, and it seems we’re in for a few here starting now. I’m thrilled to get a few more in before summer weather takes over.

10. My favorite color this week is sparkle. I’ve been adding shimmer and shine and sprinkles of glitter to darn near everything.

That’s all I’ve got for this morning – new layouts, ideas, product picks, and so much more in store for this week. I hope you stay tuned!


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  1. Ah you crack me up! Guess what – I also forgot to take pics yesterday and will be “faking” it too today! Looking forward to your new class 🙂

  2. Big kudos to your wonderful & supportive husband…thank goodness for them (so grateful for mine!)

    I can’t wait for summer camp May -it’s going to be so FUN!

    Enjoy your sparkles-

  3. Sounds like you have a great man!! Love mine too! He is also a BIG help around here. Glad you are doing well on your “no desserts” and I would be killing by now! LOL!! I hope to be i your next BPS class and cannot wait!!

  4. that smoothie and chex mix looks so awesome. Chex mix is my go to snack and it is usually on sale! I really should scrap too, but I am craving beer, so I might have to go get some before I get to scrapping! Have a lovely evening!

  5. You are inspiring me to work on my health. I’m determined to get exercising regularly and work on my portion control. I did try the cupcakes recently but in general have been eating few desserts and even DH remarked on how much less chocolate I’ve been consuming. Unfortunately, steroids for asthma put the pounds around the middle even when the weight stays the same but I’m trying to exercise more regularly. not just for the middle but for pain control. So thanks for the motivation. makes me feel i’m not alone in my endeavors to get healthier!
    Since you are doing representative LO’s and not a minute by minute detailed account of your week I’m sure that whenever you take your photos is fine. Though I do like the “faking it ” comment.
    I’m sure J really knows he is appreciated and doesn’t need it in a broadcast. Lord knows, those podcast things aren’t the usual for you so I’m sure there were lots of things you thought of later. I look forward to listening later today.
    Glad the sun decided to show even though the rain came this am. I hate entire days of rain. Sunshine really makes me happy. (Though I do rather long for rain around late August/September, LOL!)
    Just bought some lucious metallic paints at M’s last night. Must be those ions in the air here from the rain inspiring us?

  6. yeah – great hubby.
    I haven’t listened to your podcast but will check it out.
    Kudos to you for taking care of your health! keep it up.
    Scrap camp – squeeeeeel!

  7. lol I forgot to take my pictures too! I am also faking it when it comes to Monday! It wasn’t a very eventful day so it should be pretty easy!

  8. Loved your interview! Congrats on the new job. I think I need to go home tonight and write some “just because notes” and make someone smile this weekend!

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