Entertainment 3/23


What’s entertaining? What amused me this week? I’ll share…

My girls watched the Barbie Mermaid new DVD. They tell me it’s awesome. I want to know why Barbie can’t be more cartoony. I hate the look of Barbie movies. Also that EVERY one is “princess barbie defeats evil thing/person and finds her true meaning of life in process”. I mean COME ON.

I am a fan of the Twilight books. NO, I wouldn’t go for Jake or Eddie, and I would never want human Bella as a friend… but the story grabbed and held me through what – 3000+ pages?! It was amazingly detailed and beautifully written and I loved every moment. I know people who hate the series, those who love it and will probably hiss at me for not loving on one of the dudes, and some who are like me and are fans but not obsessed in the least. To each her own, that’s what I say. Now for New Moon in particular – it’s a bridge book. Not a lot of action, not a very exciting plot either I can sum it up in 3 sentences probably. But for the series every word, every detail is important.  It’s all gonna hit the fan (in Eclipse and some in Breaking Dawn) but in New Moon it’s setting things in motion. If you pay attention you know exactly what the future conflicts/probable outcomes are going to be.

So the movie to me was fine. Visually just as stunning as first and so totally EXACTLY as described in book except I used to think Edward was attractive and Jasper too… guess I was wrong. Outside that though it’s all as I imagined… unfortunately for the movies this means I laughed a LOT. In the same way you’d laugh if Lifetime made a Nora Roberts classic into a movie and it was cheese-city. Edward looks constipated always (seriously – why does ANYONE think he’s cute?! I just don’t understand.) and more than once I giggled and thought “oh geez, it didn’t look so silly in my head reading the book!” Aside from that though – it’s exactly what I expected from a movie version – I’m ok with it. I maintain it’s not worth seeing in theaters unless you have a rabid teenager or group of friends wanting to go together. I have neither, waiting for Netflix didn’t bug me.

Modern Family continues to be my #1 fave (just slightly edging out 30rock) TV show. It’s so hilarious I laugh every time – and I anticipate new episodes for sure. I am down to 3hrs TV/Week  on my ‘must see’. Love that I spend even less than that thanks to DVR.

No books to report on this week, and if you knew the fullness of my plate you’d understand why! I hope to have a few to chat about next week, and I’ve got a give-away going down later this week too…


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  1. i haven’t watched modern family. i missed out on the beginning episodes, and i hate jumping into a series in the middle.

    i really like the good wife. i also started watching parenthood because of l.g. and so far, so good. :]

  2. Hi May….I am so glad that you watch modern family. One of my high school buddies is a main character in it….I can never remember the character name, but his name is Eric Stonestreet. (He’s the heavy set fella)….Hope you have a great day….ohhh and I giggled at your review of the new moon movie….glad I haven’t wasted any monies on seeing it.

  3. I’m with you on the Twilight saga. I did go to the midnight release of New Moon and my friend & I were cracking up waiting in line. There’s nothing like seeing grown women (yes, that is plural!) wearing Jacob or Edward t-shirts….

  4. Completely on the same page with you on Twilight. I really enjoyed reading the series (and just actually re-read the third book) but am in NO WAY one of the series followers. I don’t think Edward is physically attractive (in the least!) and Bella is usually more annoying to me than anything else. Jacob does have a rather nice physique, but that’s as far as it goes for me 🙂 It sure makes for fun reading, though!

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