bring on the purple!


This time of year is a favorite for one reason, and that is the color purple.

Ok. not purple exactly, but lovely shades of soft watercolor like hues that start popping up among the brown dead of winter…

Our wisteria is exploding in bloom, and my first lilac bush (there are 3 – the other two nowhere near budding) is so fragrant you can smell it all along one side of the house…

Don’t forget as the seasons change to make note and capture special “only at this time of year” details. I’ll be soaking in shades of my favorite colors in bloom…


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  1. What gorgeous photos. In my part of the world it’s bring on the orange/red/yellow as all the trees are changing colours – love autumn!

  2. Lovely.

    Still cool here in Ottawa – actually much colder than it was all last week. Give us a month or two before the flowers bloom but bloom they will.

    Until then, I’ll soak up the sunshine vicariously.

  3. Thank you for that glimpse of spring. I absolutely adore lilacs – which here in Toronto don’t flower until May. But that’s fine – May is my birthday month and I often celebrate in part with a visit to the Lilac Dell in a nearby botanical garden where there have over 200 varieties in bloom in lovely pinks and whites and mauves – a little slice of heaven on earth.
    I have to remark on how lovely your photos are, with the blooms in focus and the background blurry. Care to share what camera equipment you’re currently using?

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