Fun on a Friday


I had to clear space in my studio so Jason could fix this thing on the window. What happened next, was all my fault.

It’s like this: my brain is like an ant hill. Have you ever seen how quiet and seemingly nothing going on an ant hill can be? Then try spraying it with a hose. BAM! Ants running everywhere wild. millions! chaos!

That’s kind of how my creative process goes. I think a lot. Sit on ideas. Work things out in advance. Then it looks crazy as I run around 25 projects going simultaneously as I race to meet deadlines and keep up with the ideas coming out of my mind.

More on that later. The point today is this: When I had to move stuff so he could get to the window it was like somebody sprayed water on my ant hill. I wanted to move my printers, shift the computer, put the cardstock somewhere else…

… and that’s where I’ve been for going on 3hrs now.

A teeny glimpse (above) of my work space. Now this is where I mention that I’ve got about twelve craft projects to complete by Sunday evening, a family to take care of, and other general chaos. This was a bad idea… but I couldn’t help myself! I figure another hour and I’ll have this place de-cluttered enough to deal with until I get my promo material set up for my next Big Picture class.

Yes, I’ve got the next one lined up. Stay tuned – all will be revealed soon as I can get my content turned in – on time I hope!

On the upside I’m finding amazing treasure. Including a paperback novel I meant to give away here + TONS of product that I had intended to group it with for a prize months ago. Stay tuned – that’s going to be a fun… and I’m just getting started.

from the batcave/secret lair,



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  1. ha ha ha May!! I’ve been there and understand exactly what you mean about the ant hill! Can’t wait to see what your next adventure is!! Have a wonderful and productive weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is exactly what happens to me, I am so well organized until I begin to work on a project and things are everywhere and I am in the middle of what my DH calls my “creative chaos”.

  3. Would you like to come to my house too!! actually maybe you’ve inspired me to get into my room and do some cleaning/organising too!

  4. Well I admire you! If I had started moving stuff I would have been stuck forever! It is hard enough for me to move stuff back into place after I have been scrapbooking a project.
    By the way…I loved that book The Undomestic Goddess.
    One of my all time favorites. Boy if anyone needs a laugh and a great book that you can’t predict ahead of time that’s the one!!

    Loving your class.

  5. I love Sophie Kinsella – and I love the way you’ve juxtaposed it with the flowers etc in your photo (accidental or deliberate, either way I’m impressed!).

    Looking forward to hearing more about your next BPS adventure (I’m having a lot of fun with “Paper & Pixels”!).

    BTW – have you read anything by Freya North? I’m about a third of the way through “Secrets” and I’m quite enjoying it. I think if you like Sophie K, you’ll enjoy Freya too.

  6. A couple of weeks ago I had a todo list that was a mile long… What did I do? I decided to sort through all my photos and digi kits in Bridge… I kid you not, I went through 2000 photos in one sleepless night…. Did I get the stuff I needed to do done? Nope… Am I finished organizing in Bridge? Nope… Do I care? Nope…. hehehe

  7. Oh May, you make me giggle!! Thanks for the inspiration-I am off to take a picture of my “before”, and my “after”…think I can post that on the gallery in lieu of finished pages????? Happy Saturday! ME

  8. You will probably be more productive than had you left it, because your mind would constantly be thinking “geez, I really would like to move my stuff around…” You have given me an idea for scrappin though! BTW – Your ant hill analogy is priceless!

  9. One of my favourite quotes – which I have framed in my studio – is by Milne: “One of the advantages of being disorganized is that you are constantly making exciting discoveries”. I think Tim just put it on a stamp (which I must get, LOL).
    Love the eye candy – those flowers just belong next to that book cover somehow!

  10. That book title is a hoot! Reminds me of what me days are like sometimes. Wishing you good luck in getting all the projects done on time. But then I know if anyone can do it you can.
    Hope you have a happy, creative, fun-filled day.

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