share the love: speak up.


Have you ever been surprised by a note, a letter, e-mail, phone call, even a text message that was totally out of the blue and filled with happy words? I have been blessed to experience this a few times and it’s incredible. More than I receive though, I really love to send out these positive messages.

A company that was wonderful with good service, an artist who lights up my life, a blogger who shares herself every day, a person who makes you smile on a regular basis, a friend whom I want to tell how fantastic they are to me… any of these and so many more are great people – and reasons- to tell someone you appreciate them.

Today, in some form, I challenge you to spread some love. Send someone a note (big or small, e-mail or paper… makes no difference) that expresses some positive sentiment. With so much darkness, and so much attention on negative things in the world I believe in working harder to spread joy. smiles. happiness. positive warm & fuzzies that keep on giving.

In other words, I try to make my positive voice speak louder than any negative things around me.

I will reach out to five people who do NOT really know me (blogs I read, etc) as well as five people I have personal communications with on a regular basis today. Some notes will be short, others long… but all will be with intent to let the person know they’re a bright spot in my life.

How better to share some love this week… and at a price any budget can afford to give. Just a few minutes of your time.

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  1. Sharing my love . . . I had not noticed that it was only a week away my how the time is flying. . . caught up on your blog today I got way to far behind and BTW I now want a crumbs cupcake and I don’t think just any one will do now!

  2. Great random thought. Kindness is always better than sourness. Thank you for a great blog that is always full of fun and brightness.

  3. You are sooo sweet! Just sent my mom her roses for valentine’s day. And now I have to find a flowering bush for a friend her just lost her mother. I am thinking lilac bush but still searching. It’s the little things….

    • I should have said – the banner is a digital file by Rhonna Farrer ( that you can buy – I printed this one on vellum! 🙂

  4. May, What a great reminder. We get so caught up with our “to do” lists that we can sometimes let life, and more importantly, people, slip right by us. So I will start my messages with this one to you. I don’t know which category you fall in – I’ve never met you in person – but I’ve taken one of your classes, have you as a FB friend, and follow your blog. You are a kind and upbeat personality that even though I only know you “electronically” I feel as though you are a friend. You are certainly a day-brightener! Thanks for sharing yourself.

  5. LOVE this idea … thanks for the reminder, especially to reach out to people I don’t communicate with regularly. Off to spread love… 🙂

  6. Planning a surprise cookie drop-off tonight. It’s snowing like you wouldn’t believe and we ALL need a little pink icing to make it bearable. Can’t wait to create some smiles!

  7. Hey…I saw on Bakerella’s comments yours about the cricut for cake decorating. My mom is Linda Mcclure and she was at CHA doing demos for PC.
    Her site is and she’s been doing this for over a year. You posted something on bakerella’s site about frozen gumpaste…whatever you do, don’t cut frozen gumpaste 🙂
    When you reveiw the Cricut Cake machine, I’d love for you to include a mention of Linda Mcclure or link to her site.

  8. One great thing to do is smile at a stranger as you walk down the street, pull up next to them at the traffic lights or are in the shops. You can really make someone’s day and not even know it!

    🙂 Tamara

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