I’m a scrapbooker.


A woman stopped me at Starbucks this morning & said “you’re a scrapbooker” and handed me a flier for her company that does local crops. *I* am a total spaz and assumed she recognized me (or Becca) from on-line and that’s how she knew me. I didn’t even think about the fact that I was wearing THIS t-shirt. (duh me)

Anyhow it was a good thing I was walking out of starbucks wearing the above t-shirt when I did because she gave me info on her business Scrap Again.

There is one March 13th I’m going to sign up for in Vacaville, CA. Any locals in? I think it’ll be fun and it’s at a nice hotel right off the freeway (and very near Starbucks, Sonic, and more). Plus the restaurant they have cater lunch is a good one. LOVE new scrappy discoveries!

Speaking of crops, I am looking at venturing out into teaching & crop hosting at stores again. I haven’t done any events in nearly two years, but I want to explore that possibility once more. If there’s a store you’d like to see me teach at please do let me know – I’m feeling really excited at the possibility of doing some in-person stuff again!! 🙂

mflaum (at) comcast . net is my e-mail addy, or you can leave info in a comment here.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. well, i’m a local yocal!!! i’ll check it out, and if i go, promise me i’ll get to meet you!?!?! wink!! oh, goodie, goodie, goodie!!

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