Scarlet Lime 2/10 kit:


February 1st, and a new Scarlet Lime kit has been introduced! I squealed aloud when this arrived at my door and I had fun with it. I’m hoping I get time to work with it more this month. For now, here’s two pages…

I thought it was fitting to scrapbook meeting Christy (Scarlet Lime’s owner) with one of her kits.

This kit had so much NEW product… talk about dreamy. I come home from CHA and find the new Melody Ross + American Crafts stuff I’d been drooling over!

I had so much fun with all the bits & pieces I put together for this layout.

You can check out the other designer projects at


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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I made your pot roast Saturday night. It turned out great. My only complaint is that when I was pulling the left over gravy out of the refrigerator last night, the bowl of gravy flew out of my hands and landed on the floor. There was broken glass amidst all the the gravy goodness. Man was I disappointed. But I used the leftover meat and made nachos and those were pretty yummy too:)

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