random good things:

The cupcakes shown here? (I have this as my igoogle header) Guess what? Crumbs will ship them within USA. I’m going to try that some day soon-ish.

Coming next month to Scarlet Lime… check out that peek at Feb’s kit papers. SWOON!! Seriously can NOT wait. There’s some NEW product in there!!

Let’s go back to cupcakes. Godiva is selling these. MMMM. They’re SO pretty – but I think I want the Crumbs variety more.

This remains one of my favorite shots from our last Disney trip. I’ve yet to scrapbook it. Haven’t worked out the right look yet. It’ll come. No rush. For now it lives on my desk and I smile at it. Love to look at it so much. My princesses.

I’m heading to the above spot soon to check the latest & greatest crafting has to offer. I’ll be updating www.twitter.com/mayf while I’m gone if I think of anything interesting to say. Otherwise watch here for photos & such starting Wednesday morning. I had every intention of setting up blogs to post while I’m gone… but there’s just too much left to do & too little time. When I sat down last night to make cuts “make stuff for fun for my blog before CHA” got chopped. (sorry!) I know you understand I needed sleep more!

Until then – happy crafting!


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  1. have fun at CHA… i’m so bummed i can’t go this time. hopefully either later this year, or next for sure. sorry, just wanted to whine. your little ones are very cute indeed!! travel safe!!

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