Contributing Writer {and mystery solver?}


What do you get when you cross Nancy Drew, Paula Deen, Meg Cabot, and a scrapbooker? Well I’m hoping it looks something like me. See, I’m going to be contributing articles on a regular basis to now. I’m excited about this new adventure as a crafty detective/reporter. (That’s what I’m calling myself) I won’t be breaking news stories (Nancy already does that so well) but rather writing articles about all things scrapbook & craft as I think of them. My posts will be more project/product focused… and I’m very open to suggestions!

Product reviews, technique testing, trend spotting, idea sharing… there’s a lot whirling in my brain!

You can see my first official article as a contributing writer here: It’s my six new faves for 2009.

2010 is going to be a year of new adventures – this is one that I’m very excited to share with you now. Happy Crafting!

PS – if you want to contact me about considering a product or testing something (or whatever!) for a future article or blog post you can e-mail me at


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