Hi! It’s me, lil B. I’m watching Caillou on mommy’s computer and she doesn’t even mind! See, she’s got this nasty virus right now that is preventing her from eating much beyond toast. That’s bad she says because she has no energies. She’s really not much fun right now. She keeps saying she’s going to feel better any minute, but who knows.

But she says I’m sooo cute with my little poofy pony tails and that makes her smile. She also said to share this photo of us because of our insane cuteness.

We got lotsa neat presents for Christmas & we’re playing with them lots which mommy says is good. Something about being able to lie down in semi-peace. Anyhow, she’ll be back hopefully tomorrow with something creative to share. As I always say “you scrapbook. you like it. it’s pretty”

Have a nice day!

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  1. May, I hope you recover quickly! I really liked the “bow” you made for your daughter’s package that you posted earlier. I love reading your blog for creative, doable ideas.

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