A random post on 12/25…


In 2010 I want little multi-colored lights. That’s my big love this year, and we just don’t really have many so I’m hoping to score some tomorrow AM at Target if I dare go out at all. I kind of want to since J is home and I can go it alone & with the little car vs big truck that’s tough to park.

(pic I took on Christmas eve at my In-Laws… LOVE how you can blur up those pretties…) We had a lovely Christmas, and have high hopes for a quiet and peaceful weekend as well.

I finished this book a few days back – and I loved it. Stephanie suggested this as a Mary Kay Andrews fave- and I do indeed love this Southern author.  I’m such a sucker for books like this one – and it was a gem that’s for sure. I also read this author’s books Savannah Blues & Blue Christmas (both revolve around same character) and would only give those “it was ok, not a fave”. Mostly because I felt like the leading man is a whiny, annoying, stunted man-boy who needs a good slap. I thought she (our heroine) coulda done better. But I really loved the heroine in those books – so I’ll keep reading this author’s back list.

Now I’m off to put new toys away and do some work (since I’ve been hunkered down with novels again – hoorah!) before calling it an early Christmas night. Anybody  have movie or books to suggest for this winter break? I’d LOVE to hear it! I’m hoping to find some cute fiction – mystery, romance, happy stories, etc. {if it’s super sad, depressing, or gore-filled… I don’t wanna know!}


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  1. I love to read books by Dorthea Benton Frank. She writes books about the low country and they are family oriented and have some love stories to them. When I pick up her books I CANNOT put them down. If you decide to read them you will not be dissappointed!

  2. I’ve probably mentioned her before, but I really like Jennifer Crusie for romance with an edge. I just finished Faking It and a little while ago Welcome To Temptation; both revolve around different members of the same family, but stand alone so you don’t have to read them in order. I think I’ve missed an even earlier one, which I must go back and read. I find her writing fresh and at times laugh-out-loud funny. She also wrote a book called Dogs & Goddesses, but for some reason I just couldn’t get into it although I tried a couple times; ended up giving it away without finishing it. So I’m not recommending you start with that one 🙂
    Don’t think I’ve read any Mary Kay Andrews, but will look for her in the bookstore.

  3. I just read one called Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris…it was really good with a different twist. I enjoyed it. I also love the Janet Evanovich books that feature Stephanie Plum. Those are a hoot!

  4. Have you read any of Dorthea Bento Frank’s books. She is also a southern writer. They aren’t mysteries, which is what I usually read. However, she writes about where I live, So I read her first several years back. But it’s more about her story telling ability that keeps me going back for more. I’ve just finished her most recent ‘Return to Sullivan’s Island’ and it was great. So check her out, you might be pleased.

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