merry & bright


FYI – I’m aware I’ve already used merry & bright as a title, but it’s totally my phrase this year. It sums up everything I want & hope for and I plain LOVE it.

Wishing you all the best for a peaceful & love filled holiday!

I plan on doing some more crafty posts this week, but in case I get swept away in sugar and puzzles instead I’ll take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may it all be Merry & Bright…


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  1. Merry Christmas! Just looking at that picture puts me in the mood. I just saw my first snowflake outside. I guess I’ll have to get off the computer and make those Christmas cookies! and then vacuum…..(or make the kids vacuum ha!) Have a great holiday everyone!

  2. Holy cow, May! Your girls are so cute! I can’t believe the hair on that B! Does your DH have curls like that?
    Hope you have a merry and bright Christmas with your family. I think ours will be =).

  3. What a beautiful picture! Merry Christmas to you too!
    P.S. I am in love with your little curly girl! Can’t wait to see if she will keep her curls when she will grow up. My girls lost their curls when they turned 5 😦

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