just when I was going to kick it to the curb…


full photoshop reminded me I *need* it for actions. I got off my lazy behind and figured out how to load PW’s actions tonight and I’m loving the 70’s one.

above has a bit of added grungy help thanks to Katie Pertiet Grunge overlay. Taken this morning before the game started. Faces were not so happy during actual (bad) game.

That picture just makes me SQUEAL with delight. Love how she loves the star lollipop cookie.


Right now I need to go learn more & get better because I’m loving actions. Push 1 button and my photo gets transformed? Um, yes please!

More later, sleep now.

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  1. Bought it, but haven’t used it yet…thinking tonights the night after looking at yours! Possible title for your second picture:
    “There was a little girl, who had a little curl-right in the middle of her forehead”… Do you remember that rhyme?

  2. Ok…please, oh please, clue me in on what PW is???? Is it like camerabag?? I have that for my iPhone but I haven’t gotten it for my PC yet. I love those sort of actions, though!

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