a 2 movie weekend


It looks like this here.

Which means while I’m crafting, photography = junky so I’m not even gonna try to show that. But I’ll show you this…

We all *loved it*. Totally fabulous. I so prefer the Disney ‘old school’ hand drawn style of animation to the 3-D or so-high-tech-it-makes-my-head-hurt style and so this had points towards it from the get go. But really – it was super cool & fun. E says she’s gonna kiss frogs now cuz she wants to be one. Guess she didn’t pick up on the “go ahead and dream – but be ready to put the hours and work in” message I did from the movie. Oh well.

I also saw this –


and I adored it too. It’s just such a nice glimpse into a period of time for both of these ladies as they find their passion in cooking. Happy, not stressful, and Meryl & Amy were perfect in it.

A 2 movie weekend – that’s a lot for me! I’m back to creating in the dark. Seriously – it’s 3pm and I have to keep my ‘night lights’ on here in the studio!!


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  1. Movies were definitely the way to go. They look like fun ones. It is just too dark and gloomy here with this rain! Thiough the temperature has risen a little since the rains came!Trying to find some good in winter weather, though I dislike this time of year. So sad kits class ending – has ben a kick in the pants for me.
    You always do make things fun and ineresting.

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