climbing my ‘obsess-o-meter’


I’m adding a side-bar to my damask obsession, and that is fleur-de-lis stuff.  To be fair, I’ve loved that symbol & it shows up sometimes in my home & decor choices and has for years. I am calling this a ‘side bar’ obsession because the two go sooo well together.

 Also it should be said that I’m picky. I don’t just go for anything. This little cup though?


1) it looks antique-y   2) it’s silver   3) it’s CUUUUTE   4) aforementioned fleur-de-lis is part of design.  I bought two.

Currently it’s holding these few little flowers (still left from party). I have a similar cup in a rosy pink that I got a few years back that currently has silver german glass glitter in it. I love pretty little things.

Of course I have my teapot (from Anthropologie) too. My mom claims the symbol resonates with me due to ancestral stuff. I don’t know about that – but I do know that I am collecting more & more of it.

What images or patterns are you drawn to? I’m going to look around and see what I’m collecting (without even knowing!)


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  1. I can see you as that type of person. You are going new directions right now just like the fleur-de-lis design. I am into Roosters and Owls are all in my scraproom. I so love them and MY mom says the reason I like them is because when she was in labour with me and on the way to the hospital her and my dad seen a white owl in a tree. Crazy but who knows!!

  2. I’ve got the Christmas stuff out so I can confess that I have a real obsession with penguins!…I also am constantly buying the kids every item of clothing I see with argyle on it 🙂

    • I have a pink one from Shabby Chic (Rachel Ashwell’s store) and these were from cost plus. I also have a bigger rounded one from Pier 1. 🙂

  3. Christmas stuff all over the place here but I have to say I have houses everywhere and bears. . . oh and snowmen because they are so California!

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