winner + new ornament pics


prize winner: heidi y  Congrats! e-mail me mflaum (at) to claim your prize.

The girls are helping decorate the house – I need it. With this BIG deadline tomorrow + a party on Saturday I’m maxed out! But it’s good stuff – and we’re enjoying ornament breaks.


Have you ever tried having your subject hold something out so you focus in on the hand & not the face/body? I like the blur effect for some things – love it on these ornament pics.

These are their new ornaments this year – from our Disneyland trip. Don’t tell E, but I’m partial to miss R’s tinkerbell on cupcake. Now back to work for me – more soon!


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  1. Ornament breaks are definitely more satisfying than broken ornaments! Enjoy your holiday festivities and your Xmas prep. Tomorrow I’m going to get serious about doing things. This past week I’ve been a real flake. I guess that fits the season, too if I think snow flake. Cute pics!

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