Nov. Scarlet Lime layouts-


I’ve already shared my how-to’s on the photo decor + the muslin flowers… now it’s time I post these layouts! First up, my layouts with the project kit from


I can’t wait to go Christmas dress shopping for the girls next week. Oh how I love Christmas dresses and of course scrapbooking the portraits I take of them…



This layout is photos from our first Christmas, first Christmas as parents, first with Becca, and then last year. This year I vow more family of 4 pics!

Now here’s what I did with the main Nov. kit…


See? Already this year we’re taking more family photos. This layout came out exactly how I wanted it. And since we were all REALLY red faced in this photo I’d printed it out B&W instead of in color.


Christy put a lot of funk-a-licious stuff in this kit. I was in heaven for sure.


Duuuude. I had to beg a cast member to help me figure out when to get in line at Pixie Hollow so we could meet this fairy. ANY fairy really. After 2 or 3x going up and meeting Irridessa + Tinkerbell (who’s ALWAYS there)Ā  E was getting bummed. She really wanted to meet Silvermist or Rosetta. She batted her eyes and I pleaded. The nice lady helped me time it out and we met Rosetta. Aw yeah.




I don’t know why I made this page or what inspired it exactly. I had a 101 fever at the time… and I do really like how it came out. Just index prints + squares of paper. Fun stuff.


I had a lot of fun with these kits. Is it time for next month’s yet???



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  1. Fab layouts, as always. Love the Christmas one especially; I scooted right over to Scarlet Lime after you showed us your first offerings with the project kit; sadly it was already sold out.

  2. oh great May! now I have to go and dig up all those index pictures and add them to my suitcase šŸ™‚ Thanks for the MULTIPLE ideas!

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