Halloween + Treats!


This year my girls will be Snow White & Minnie Mouse. Here they are at Mickey’s Halloween Party (in Disneyland) with Sleeping Beauty. They’re REALLY into their costumes…

vaca day 5 (62)

They were really into celeb sightings (aka character meet & greets) and still talk about meeting so many favorites. I’m really into the TREATS of trick or treat, I’ll have to remember to take pictures of my favorite snack sized candy bars as we collect them tomorrow night.

I’m really excited for November & the start of Adventures in Scrapbooking: Using kits next week. I’ve gotten some great e-mails about class, and if you have questions I do hope that you ask me! One of the things I get a lot is people who aren’t sure if they can keep up and/or don’t want to have to buy a kit to start.

That’s OK!!!

See this is why I love kits.Β essentially, it’s just supplies gathered together. Also, there really are no rules so you can make them work for you in your own ways. So in class you can so totally do your own gathering, work from your stash, and substitutions are welcome and very easy. In fact- I’m going to scrap-lift myself from one of the handouts in class tonight so I can share with you and prove it! As far as keeping up – I make my class handouts really huge – with intent that you’ll download and keep them to use in future beyond class. So really there is no “finished” on this class- you can keep using and recycling the ideas.Β 

Oh, and there is this: Big Picture now leaves classrooms OPEN FOREVER!!! That’s right, when this class ends you can still hop back in for presentations, audios, the gallery, and handouts whenever. It’ll be there waiting for you. I can’t wait for you to see all I’ve put into this class – we’re gonna have BIG fun.


All this talk of Halloween + kits has me in a mood to put together a kit of my own… no paper in this one – just a cute mini book + lots of stickers & festive fun. Just leave a comment here telling me what your favorite treat is and I’ll draw a winner on 11/2.

I’m in a kit + treat mood – and rumor has it I will be as we count down to class opening on 11/5 – so keep checking back in for more prizes & fun!


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  1. My favorite treat is seeing all the costumes and how anyone can make a mass produced item “their own”. I guess in some ways like scrapbooking…..a little bit of this and a lot of that and it is an original!!

    Can’t wait to see all the takes on costumes……


  2. My favorite treat is a homemade pumpkin roll which is like a pumpkin cake jelly roll filled with cream cheeze icing. I am thinking about taking your class and glad the class remains open once you sign up. Thanks, Ann

  3. Your girls are adorable! Love their princess dresses!! πŸ™‚ My favorite treat is anything with chocolate… no shocker there. πŸ˜‰

  4. love the girls costumes! They are growing up so fast. My favorite treat is Milk Duds! Yum, I use to raid the kids pumpkins for these now I raid the grandkids pumpkins before they leave!

  5. those costumes are adorable…..
    My favorite treat….don’t laugh….it’s the carmel apple…. with plenty of nuts…and chocolate too….YUM….
    but when I have to look in goodie bags and inspect the loot to ensure quality…i always take out all of the MilkyWays and taste them… Someone has to make sure that they are still edible….I mean…what good grandmother would allow their sweet grandchild to eat a tainted milkyway???

  6. I am such a huge Disney fan and your girls look great in their D costumes. As usual I shall be Sorcerer Mickey. KitKats top my list of fav at Halloween.

  7. We went to Disney World two weeks ago and went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and my boys LOVED it! Looks like your girls had a blast at Disneyland and that’s great! Would love to join your kit class but just don’t have the time…oh well…hope to win the prize!

  8. My favorite fall treat is carmel apples. I actually had one a couple of weeks ago.
    The girls look adorable in their costumes.

  9. My favorite scrapbook treat are acrylic pages lately … Candy .. unfortunately I probably love too much of it! Love your girls costumes .. isn’t Disney great!

  10. Such cute little girls – they do look very happy and right in there element.
    My fav treat is frozen pinky bars – the are the best!
    PS don’t include me in the giveaway – we don’t really to halloween.

  11. Your girls look SO cute in their costumes! I can see why they love them so much! My favorite treat would have to be jelly beans and all things gummy! I love that stuff!

  12. I could never pick just one favorite treat! That would be cruel to all the other delicious treats out there. Some of my favorites are the mint M&M’s that only come out at Christmas time (thankfully), my mom’s pumpkin pie and my husband’s apple crisp. Yum!

  13. My favorite treat is pretty much anything pumpkin flavored however at this moment in my life more than 5 hours of SLEEP would be a treat!

  14. Pretty much anything chocolate but reses are my faves. So I buy what I call the “wonka mixture” to hand out. This way if we have leftover candy I’m not interested in eating it!

  15. Droooooooling over your kit!! I’m just gathering all my Halloween goodies for a couple of mini books and layouts. What fun stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  16. My favorites are Peanut m&ms/Reeses peanut butter cups/baby ruth bars…and those are just the chocolate treats…
    I just did an 8×8 album of family Halloween pictures….very fun to do and it brought back lots of memories since my girls are all adults now. Your picture of all the Halloween goodies makes me want to go create some layouts with my leftover pictures…. πŸ™‚

  17. I’ve not eating too many of the treats I have for tomorrow night, thankfully. But, the bag of 100,000 bars is almost gone. Forgot how yummy those were!

  18. Those are two (too!) cute girlies. I have been eating healthy for several months now…my current favorite treat is vanilla yogurt, blueberries, chopped walnuta and milled flax seed. I actually crave this stuff!

  19. My sweet tooth love Kit Kat for Halloween and all the other time of the year. Thank you for such a Flaumtastic giveaway.

  20. My favorite treats are swedish fish. Luckily (for my teeth and waist) not too many people give them out at Halloween. They are one candy that I don’t share!

  21. The girls are too cute! have fun trick or treating! My favorite treat is mini chocolate bars especially Mr. Goodbar, Snickers and milk chocolate. My non Halloween treat is See’s milk chocolate cordials!

  22. My favorite treats are stroopwafels (dutch cookies) and anything chocolate. Mmm. Bye Irene

  23. Love your girls in the princess costumes. My daughter has ‘aged out’ of Disney costumes and is working on being a ‘tween’. I miss the old days!!!! (sigh). my favorite treat is pumpkin bread, yummy!! Thanks for this class. I love kits, but never know what to do with most of the stuff!!

  24. My husband’s birthday is Halloween and mine is Nov. 2nd so often our favorite treat is to relax (after putting the kids to bed) on the 1st with a yummy dinner, a glass of wine and a slice of our favorite pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. My favorite is the cake, his is the frosting. It’s perfect. Thank you for the giveaways!

  25. Lately I’ve been gobbling up Kit Kats from Christopher’s stash (trick or treating on more than one occasion- party and neighborhood were early this year). Yum!

  26. I’m a dark chocolate M&M gal, but I also can’t turn down a peanut cup or chocolate chip cookie! Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.

  27. I love Snickers, Peanut Butter Cups, Almond Joys….oh, was that too many? I am new to your blog and am enjoying it so much!

  28. My favorite candy treat is mini twix bars . . . and my favorite non-candy treat is a gift card to my LLS! (I hope my husband reads this – LOL!)

  29. Hi May and Happy Halloween! Ooooh, I love Halloween and I love kits! I hope my luck is good today… My favorite treat is the dark chocolate Milky Way bar. It just melts in your mouth…. especially the mini size. I hope you and the girls have fun tonight and that everyone is feeling better…

  30. My favorite treat…chocolate of course. And if I am to pick out a candy bar, M&Ms have been my choice since I was old enough to grab. Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway!

  31. Those girls are just so pinchably cute ! …that little curly headed pretty pink Minnie has ornery written all over her !

    I’m not sure I have a favorite treat. Love a good chocolate, Hersheys over Nestles. I’m still looking for those coconut m&m’s and pumpkin spice kisses.

    Right now, a good flavored hot cooca sounds delish!

  32. The girls look adorable! I had a pirate and a generic princess =).
    One of my favorites are Reeses peanutbutter cups. Sadly I’ve never found them here in Norway.

  33. Girls are SO cute! Love the little pink polka dot socks!

    My favorite treats are Riesens chocolates. Happy Halloween!

  34. I think my ultimate treat would be Belgian chocolate truffles covered in flaked chocolate but I guess you don’t collect too many of those trick or treating! Love little mini bars of any kind of candy too, you can have 6 different kinds instead of having to choose one big bar. Happy Halloween! ** Kate **

  35. the girls are adorable! I am glad to her BPS is keeping the classes open for good now. That is great..I wish they had done that all along! My favorite Halloween treat is candy corn..yummy!!!!

  36. ohhhh my fav treat of all times is anything having to do with chocolate and peanut butter!!! yum! Fav part of Halloween is….hmm…..Seeing my parents who have two GROWN daughters and NO grandkids YET still get super excited about Halloween…. decorating, candy…you name they do it!!! the kit look like a VERY yummy TREAT!

  37. My favorite treat for Halloween is Almond Joy’s ( I never buy them and the kids them to me from their stash πŸ™‚ Your girls look so adorable in their dresses!

  38. The girls look so sweet! We live in Central FL, so we’re a Disney World family. Our favorite treat this time of the year is almost anything at the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival. Our girls are teens now, so this is a fun way for us to celebrate Halloween. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  39. How cute. They are adorable.

    I saw a few mini mouse costumes yesterday myself.

    I like to indulge in a fine truffle from time to time. πŸ™‚

  40. During this time I normally enjoyed making caramel and candy apples, but since getting my braces I haven’t been able to. They are part of the do not eat list. I’ve had to settled for just regular candy bard. Kit Kats have to be my favorite. I also enjoy eating a Butterfinger every now and then but getting it out of my braces is no fun, I don’t do it often. Only 8 more weeks till they’re off and I can’t wait. I feel like I’ve been missing out of life because of them. Your girls looked adorable. Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. Love the kit and can’t wait for class. My favorite treat – reese’s peanut butter cup.

  42. My favorite treat is chocolate. Milk, dark, white, just chocolate. The kit is adorable and so are your girls! Love princesses!!

  43. I learned awhile ago how to make my own kit from a master… um, that would be you May! BUT – it never occurred to me to substitute the paper for a minibook or other alterable item other than when pre-planning a minibook project, and those always start with the photos (and probably paper) before anything else. I love this idea, and am going to give it a whirl. Heaven knows I’ve got lots of stuff stashed away that could form the basis for my project(s) – I’ll have to see what inspires me.

  44. Oh how i Love Disney Princesses! They are most definitely my favorites! And as for treats, ANYTHING chocolate will do! cannot get enough…

    Thanks for the great flower ideas!

  45. Made it back just in time for the give-away πŸ™‚ Had the BEST weekend at Birch Bay Washington with my sweet husband. Lots of book reading, walking, lattes, and sleeping. Oh yeah, and right now I will eat anything sweet with PUMPKIN in it!

  46. My favorite treat is anything non chocolate, especially gummy candy! Your kit is the cutest!!

  47. I just LOVE the mini TWIX bars. And mini M&M’s if I’m lucky enough to stumble upon them.